Which Countries does Chinese White Garlic Mainly Export

White Garlic is one of the most popular foods and condiments at present. White german garlic contains dozens of ingredients that are beneficial to health, including 33 kinds of sulfides, 17 kinds of amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin C, and trace elements phosphorus, Magnesium, calcium, iron, silicon, aluminum, zinc, germanium, selenium, etc. are all essential nutrients for the human body.

Experiments have shown that the sulfur-containing compounds (allicin) in white garlic can induce the activity of human lymphocytes, improve the immune function of body cells and body fluids at the same time, and enhance the body’s immunity. White german garlic has the above benefits, along with its pungent and flavor-enhancing qualities. It is present in culinary cultures around the world, giving each dish a unique flavor.

Compared with purple garlic, white garlic has a milder taste. The demand for garlic and the international trade volume are so large.

What are the main exporting countries of white garlic?


The ranking of white garlic exporting countries has not changed much over the past few decades, and the countries that export the most garlic are also the countries that produce the most. China’s arable land area and output are much higher than those of other competitors, and it still ranks first. Followed by India, India’s garlic exports have increased rapidly in recent years, and Egypt ranks third. Even with recent outbreaks, the ranking of white garlic exporters has not changed much.

The main importing countries of white garlic are Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States, Bangladesh, Russia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The total imports of these nine countries account for more than half of the global garlic imports.

Since 2022, the importing countries of fresh white garlic or refrigerated garlic are mainly Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and European countries, of which Indonesia accounts for 33%, Vietnam accounts for 13%, and Malaysia accounts for 7%.

The quality of Chinese garlic exports to Indonesia has improved. In recent years, Southeast Asia and other countries have been actively expanding the cultivation of garlic. But due to the influence of climate and garlic species, the size of white garlic is generally not comparable to that of domestic white garlic. And its appearance does not have many advantages compared with Chinese garlic, which is also China white garlic. The main reasons why garlic is favored by consumers around the world.

The main exporting provinces of garlic in China are Shandong, Jiangsu, and Henan. This month, fresh garlic or refrigerated white garlic and dried white garlic exported to Shandong Province accounted for 69.24%. Jiangsu Province accounted for 10.39%, and Henan Province accounted for 5.78%. Among them, fresh garlic or refrigerated garlic exports accounted for 68.31% in Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province accounted for 11.04%, and Henan Province accounted for 5.85%; dried garlic exports accounted for 75.71% in Shandong Province, Henan Province accounted for 5.9%, and Jiangsu Province accounted for 3.39% .

Conclusion on White Garlic

As we just mentioned, Chinese garlic has strong competitiveness in the global garlic market. At the same time, Shandong Jinxiang, as a high-quality white garlic production base in China, is in a leading position in China. Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is a local company in Jinxiang, Shandong. Garlic exporters have maintained a very high market share in the past 20 years.

It is worth mentioning that despite intense competition, our garlic exports have been growing for almost two decades. Fenduni has more land for growing garlic, but the quality is different. Our white garlic is characterized by its mildness and aroma.  At the same time intense flavor, with just enough spiciness to give our meals a special touch and flavor.

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