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Why Choose Fenduni As Your China Garlic Supplier?

Located in the largest garlic planting base global, we produce and export China fresh garlic. Fenduni occupies a vital position in the China garlic market. Wholesale fresh garlic is our primary business. We have developed into one of the leading wholesale garlic suppliers in China.

Our China fresh garlic is strictly hand-selected. We adhere to strict quality standards and a good management system to provide customers with the best wholesale fresh garlic service. 

Perfect Technical support and transportation

Suppose you have signed an order with us and encounter any problems during the garlic delivery process. In that case, our customer online will also provide you with a perfect solution at any time.

We have many years of experience in garlic export from China and can guarantee the quality of garlic during transportation. If there is any problem in the transportation that makes you dissatisfied with garlic bulk, we will have customer service to solve the related problems for you in the shortest time, so that you have no worries to sign a contract with us.

How to Place An Order With Fenduni?

Fenduni provides you with real-time China garlic images and China garlic news. How to wholesale fresh garlic with us?

  1. Please let us know the detailed specifications of the garlic you want to buy and other requirements such as packaging, quantity, and expected arrival time.
  2. After we accurately understand your actual purchase needs, we will send you a quotation based on your order. We will also send the garlic samples you specified to you.
  3. The two parties reached an agreement on the price, quantity, packaging, delivery time, payment method, and other terms of this garlic wholesale business.
  4. You need to send a purchase order to us or produce garlic bulk based on the contract signed by both of us.
  5. If your payment method is a letter of credit, you need to open a letter of credit with us. We will arrange garlic production and transportation according to the letter of credit or contract.

About the quotes of wholesale fresh garlic: Please let us know your contact information, the garlic types, specifications, packaging, order quantity, and other requirements (if any) that you are interested in, and then we will quote you according to your actual purchase needs. Please feel free to contact us to get our latest China garlic news and China garlic images.