Our Advantages of Garlic



Why should you do the garlic wholesale business with FENDUNI garlic supplier in China?

Located in the world’s largest garlic planting base, FENDUNI specializes in the production and export of fresh vegetables and fruits. Garlic is our main product. After years of development, we have developed into one of the leading professional china garlic supplier and exporter.

We grow, pack, store, and export garlic in our own garlic production base in Jining, Shandong, China, and we also purchase the best garlic bulk directly from farmers. So we can provide customers with top quality bulk garlic.

We always adhere to strict quality standards and a good management system to ensure that we provide customers with the best garlic wholesale service. At the same time, we will always offer the highest quality garlic at the most competitive wholesale garlic price.

Professional in garlic wholesale business

Starting from a small garlic wholesale business, FENDUNI now has been one of the organic garlic supplier and exporter in China. Since the establishment of our company, we always remain committed to focusing on fresh garlic wholesale business. We always promise to provide customers with the best quality garlic, the most competitive garlic wholesale price, and perfect China garlic export services. Strictly control the processes of garlic planting, garlic picking, garlic packaging, and garlic export.

Garlic transportation

Garlic needs to be transported in a refrigerator. During transportation, you need to ensure that the garlic is kept dry, and do not get the garlic wet or dew. The garlic stem, garlic bulb skin and the skin around the garlic cloves must be kept dry, otherwise the storage time of garlic will be greatly reduced.