How to Grow Garlic: A Step By Step Guide

Garlic is one of the common foods nowadays, so friends, do you know how to grow garlic indoors? The truth is that growing garlic from bulb is not difficult, even very simple. We need to control the time and location of planting garlic and then harvest it at the right time(growing garlic in spring). This way, we can grow garlic successfully.

6 Easy Steps to a Great Grow Garlic Harvest

1. Choose good quality grow garlic


There are also many types of grow garlic, such as softneck garlic and hardneck garlic. Hardnecks have cloves growing around a hard central stem. softneck garlic forms more cloves, with large ones on the outside of the head and many smaller ones in the middle. No matter what variety of growing garlic you choose, we first want to choose those that have a complete, undamaged appearance. If you want to know how to select garlic to grow, you can refer to our article: How to Choose a Garlic to Grow

2. Selecting the soil for growing garlic from bulb

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To grow beautiful large heads of garlic, you will need loose, fertile soil. Choosing a location with a lot of stones or not seeing the light for a long time is not recommended. Once we have chosen the place, use a tool to loosen the soil. Once the loosening is complete, sprinkle a layer of organic matter on the surface. 2-3 inches deep is recommended. Then use the tool to mix the organic matter with the soil thoroughly. I recommend choosing a fertilizer, animal manure, etc. Then prepare several shallow trenches 6 inches apart in the ground to ensure good drainage. This way, we are done with the prep work for growing garlic.

3. Planting a clove, showing half a head


Remove the garlic cloves from the heads of fresh garlic. Take care not to harm the garlic disc-attached cloves at the bottom of the garlic disc. Also, don’t peel the cloves; plant them in the ground with their skins on. Place the cloves 4 inches apart in the furrow while planting. Each clove’s tip should be held in your hand and pushed into the soil about 2 inches deep. After all the cloves are in the ground, smooth the top using your fingertips or a rake, fill in the holes, and water. If you’re growing multiple varieties, label each one separately. Grow garlic from a clove is best planted in the early fall and spring.

4. Fertilization and watering

When the weather warms up and the days get longer, growing garlic in spring will truly start to bloom. Garlic doesn’t like to be wet but doesn’t want to be dry. When the soil feels dry about one inch below the surface, it’s time to water. Under normal circumstances, watering once a month is ideal. After around five months, you can stop watering. By then, the garlic heads had grown larger and started forming cloves.

5. Schedule the harvest carefully

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An important feature when harvesting garlic is the leaves of the grow garlic from a clove. The average garlic has five or six green leaves, and when one or two start to turn brown, we are ready to harvest the garlic. During the harvest, we try not to damage the outer layer of the garlic. Pull them out with a garden fork after gently prying them loose with a garden fork underneath the plant. Remove any excess soil from the garlic and place it in a pile. Move the garlic to a ventilated area away from the sun and rain once you’ve finished harvesting it. To learn more you can refer to this article of ours: When to Harvest Garlic

6. Storage

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If we can’t eat all the garlic after harvesting soon, then we need to find a way to store it. We can keep the leaves of the garlic and braid them together and keep them in a cool place. You can also set aside some good-quality garlic for planting the following year. The second option is to put it in a vacuum bag and freeze it in the refrigerator. However, be aware that the longer you freeze the garlic, the more it will lose its taste.

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