Longevity Superstar Food — What Is Garlic Good For In The Body

The health benefits of garlic

Garlic is a ubiquitous condiment in our daily life, so what are the benefits of eating garlic in the right amount for our body?


Here are some of the benefits of garlic for our body.


Allicin has inhibitory and killing effects on various bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Especially for intestinal bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Shigella. Therefore, eating garlic is not easy to catch a cold, and diarrhoea is rare. If you accidentally eat unclean food, you can cut a few cloves of garlic and swallow it. Fortunately, the effect is good. Of course, if the diarrhoea is severe, it is better to go to the hospital obediently.

Stomach protection:

Allicin is used for the treatment of chronic gastric disease. And it can significantly improve the symptoms of stomach discomfort, fullness, dull pain, acid regurgitation, belching, burning and loss of appetite. Suggesting that allicin has a particular therapeutic effect on chronic gastric disease. But here is a reminder that garlic has a gastrointestinal stimulating effect. People who don’t usually eat garlic will have a burning sensation in the stomach if they eat many chopped garlic at once. It is better to eat a small amount several times, such as one petal a day.

Kill Helicobacter pylori:

Helicobacter pylori (HP) is the leading cause of the peptic ulcer. Allicin has apparent antibacterial and bactericidal effects on Helicobacter pylori. Clinical application of allicin in the treatment of HP-related peptic ulcers, the results confirmed that allicin effectively treatsHP-related gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Liver protection:

The protective mechanism of allicin on chemical liver injury is that allicin can inhibit lipid peroxide damage to the membrane structure. Allicin can increase the liver’s combined detoxification function, thereby protecting the liver and the entire body. Allicin can increase the hydrolysis of blood lipids, reduce the synthesis of blood lipids. And maintain blood lipids in the normal range by regulating lipid metabolism, thereby preventing and treating fatty liver. So friends who love to drink can eat more garlic.

Protect the heart and brain:

The effect of allicin on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular is achieved by reducing total plasma cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, inhibiting platelet activity, and reducing blood viscosity.


Experiments have confirmed that allicin has the effect of preventing gastric cancer. Allicin inhibits and kills nitrate-reducing bacteria in the stomach, reducing nitrite production, thereby reducing gastric cancer risk. Allicin has a direct killing effect on tumour cells and can induce tumour cell apoptosis. The reason may be related to the decrease in telomerase activity. Clinical studies have found that allicin inhibits the growth of skin cancer, colon cancer, oesophagal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, and liver cancer.

Improve immunity:

Allicin is an excellent immune-stimulating Chinese herbal medicine, which can improve cellular immunity, humoral immunity and non-specific immune function.

The correct way to eat garlic

People have eaten garlic for thousands of years. Studies at home and abroad have found that garlic and its extracts have specific antibacterial, anti-virus and anti-tumour effects. Although many claims are controversial, it is undeniable that garlic is indeed a healthy seasoning. The nutritional value of garlic is significantly higher than that of condiments such as onion and ginger, but the way to eat garlic is very particular. If garlic is eaten raw or cooked, the garlic effect on the body will not be well exerted. The correct way to eat garlic is to smash the garlic and let it stand in the air for 10 minutes before eating, So that the two particular substances in garlic-alliin and allinase can be effectively combined to produce harmful effects on the human body. Beneficial ingredient, allicin.

How to cook garlic

Since garlic has so many benefits for the body, here are some delicious ways to eat garlic.

Tomato garlic bread sauce

material:six tablespoons of cream, two kinds of garlic, two small tomatoes, 1/2 teaspoon of 9-layer tower, a little salt, one teaspoon of black pepper powder.

1.Finely chop garlic and diced tomatoes for later use.
2.Fry garlic in butter over low heat, mix diced tomatoes and nine-layer tower powder, stir in a little salt and coarse black pepper.


English Country Garlic Roast Chicken

material:1 boy chicken, 2 garlics, carrots, some small potatoes, 1 packet of grilled sausage, 1 packet of bacon, 1 lemon, appropriate amount of butter, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of vanilla particles, appropriate amount of pepper.


1.Put butter, garlic with skin, lemon juice and spices in the cleaned chicken belly
2.Spread salt and oil all over the chicken body and marinate for half an hour
3.Prepare the sausage wrapper and bacon
4.Adjust the oven to 200 degrees and preheat for 10 minutes
5.Put some garlic with skin on the baking tray, put the whole chicken and sausages in the baking tray, and bake for 1 hour
6.Wrap the small potatoes and carrots with lemon juice, spices and oil in tin foil, put them in the oven, and bake them for another hour.
Little trick
During the roasting period, pay attention to the changes in the skin of the chicken to avoid scorching.


Grilled salmon with garlic and shallots

Material: Salmon fillet or a salmon section.


1.If you have not scraped the scales, hang the leaves clean first because this method can eat fish skin.
2.Cut fish into small pieces, add cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar, white pepper and ginger slices and marinate for at least 30 minutes.
3.Put a small amount of oil in a non-stick pan, and fry the marinated fish on both sides. Add garlic and green onion to the pot and sauté until fragrant.
4.Add the juice from the marinated fish pieces, cover with medium heat and cook for about ten minutes until the fish is cooked.
5.Put the fish out first, then add the green onions into the juice to collect the liquid, and adjust the flavour. In this way, a little more pepper and sugar is more delicious. If you like coriander, add coriander. Then pour the juice on the fish, and you’re done.

Garlic chicken soup

Recipe Introduction: Garlic chicken is one of the best sellers in roasting restaurants. The crispy chicken skin and the garlic-scented chicken are very popular among diners. It is more troublesome to make garlic chicken at home, but it is as delicious as the soup with both of them, convenient, high nutritional value, nourishing and nourishing the body. The climate is humid and warm in spring when germs are multiplying. Garlic has strong bactericidal power and has a good effect on colds, diarrhoea, and gastroenteritis caused by bacteria.

Material: Local chicken, half a piece of water, five bowls of garlic/single garlic, 15 cloves/10 capsules (serving 2-3 persons).


1.Wash and chop the chicken, boil the water, pick up and rinse.

2.Peel off the coat of garlic and wash it.

3.Boil water, add chicken nuggets and garlic, simmer on high heat for 20 minutes, turn to low heat for an hour, and season with salt to taste.

Little trick

Detoxification, sterilization stimulate metabolism, help restore physical strength, and prevent influenza.

Contraindications for eating garlic

Although garlic has many benefits to the body, if it is eaten improperly, it can cause harm to the body. Here are some points to be aware of.


Three kinds of garlic cannot be eaten.

Heated garlic

In addition to anti-cancer ingredients such as allicin and sulfides, garlic is also rich in amino acids, fats, sugars and starches. When garlic meets a high temperature, it will produce acrylamide. It is a carcinogen, and eating more is bad for the human body.

Some of the most common dishes with hidden cancer risk include garlic fried shrimp, garlic fried eggplant box.

Lots of raw garlic

Raw garlic has the highest content of allicin, but it is also the strongest. Excessive consumption can irritate the stomach.

People with the poor gastrointestinal function will irritate the gastrointestinal tract if consumed in large quantities. It may also lead to chronic atrophic gastritis and even gradually evolve into gastric cancer.

Generally speaking, eating three cloves of garlic a day is the best amount.

Roasted garlic

Roasted garlic can be described as “toxin double evil”. At high temperatures, garlic will produce acrylamide. And grilling with other foods will also carry benzene carcinogens, which doubles the risk of cancer. It would be best if you controlled the daily intake of grilled food.

Five situations can not eat garlic

Avoid eating garlic on an empty stomach

Garlic contains allicin. Eating garlic on an empty stomach can cause strong irritation to the gastric mucosa and intestinal wall. It can easily cause gastrointestinal cramps and colic. In severe cases, it can also cause acute gastritis.

Don’t eat garlic when diarrhoea

When a patient suffers from diarrhoea, doctors usually order to fast for spicy foods, of which garlic is one. When the patient has diarrhoea, the intestinal cavity is already in a saturated state. If you eat garlic and other spicy foods, it may increase the irritation of the intestinal wall. And promote further congestion and oedema of the blood vessels in the intestinal wall, thereby aggravating the diarrhoea. Therefore, garlic should not be consumed for acute diarrhoea, especially raw garlic. Garlic should be used for sterilization and prevention of diarrhoea, and it should be taken when it is not sick to show its effect.

Avoid excessive consumption of garlic

Because garlic contains Alis substance, it can damage haemoglobin in red blood cells. Excessive consumption of garlic will hinder the body’s absorption of B vitamins damage haemoglobin in red blood cells. Especially for people who are seriously ill or who are taking medicine. Excessive consumption of garlic may cause old illnesses, and may also invalidate the medicine or have a chain reaction with the medicine, which will affect the health of the body. Healthy eating of garlic is to eat two or three cloves a day, which is halved for children.

Avoid long-term consumption of garlic

Some research reports pointed out that the main cause of long-term consumption of garlic is to damage the human liver and eyes. However, other research reports pointed out that if garlic is consumed for a long time, it will damage the human red blood cells and cause anaemia. Some patients with gastric ulcers will also suffer from abdominal pain.

Avoid blindly external use

Generally speaking, garlic is used for eating, but in folk remedies, garlic can be crushed and applied externally. Therefore, skin experts suggest that garlic can be taken internally, but external use must not be blind to avoid skin chapped skin.


Four kinds of people should not eat garlic

Patients with liver disease should not eat it

Many people believe that garlic has antibacterial and antiviral effects, so they use garlic to prevent hepatitis. Some even eat garlic every day after suffering from hepatitis. This practice is extremely harmful to patients with hepatitis. Because garlic cannot affect the hepatitis virus, on the contrary, specific components of garlic also have a stimulating effect on the stomach and intestines. In severe cases, it can also inhibit the secretion of intestinal digestive juices. This affects the digestion of food and aggravates the symptoms of hepatitis patients. Besides, garlic has specific volatile components, reducing the red blood cells and haemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, it may cause symptoms such as anaemia, which is not conducive to the treatment of hepatitis.

Patients with non-bacterial diarrhea should not eat it

When there are symptoms of bacterial enteritis and diarrhoea, it is not advisable to eat garlic raw. Because the local mucosal tissue of the intestine is inflamed, the blood vessels of the intestinal wall itself are dilated, congested, swollen, and permeability increased. At this time, a large amount of protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorine and other electrolytes and fluids in the body tissue penetrate into the intestinal lumen. A large amount of fluid will stimulate the intestines and accelerate the peristalsis, causing abdominal pain and diarrhoea. If you eat raw garlic again, allicin will stimulate the intestinal tract, make the intestinal mucosa congestion and oedema aggravated, promote exudation, and make the condition worse. If diarrhoea has occurred, eating garlic should be more cautious.

Patients with eye disease should not eat it

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that long-term consumption of garlic in large quantities will “damage the liver and eyes.” Therefore, patients with eye diseases should try not to eat garlic—especially those with poor health and insufficient blood. Symptoms may include decreased vision, tinnitus, and memory loss. People who suffer from myopia or other eye diseases and need to take Chinese medicine for treatment must avoid using them. Otherwise, it will directly affect the curative effect.

Severely ill patients should not eat it

Garlic is a hair quality. The so-called hair quality refers to foods that are particularly prone to induce certain diseases or exacerbate existing diseases. Eating spicy foods such as garlic may have significant side effects on people who are seriously ill or who are taking medication. They may reduce not only the power of the medicine but also aggravate the disease. It may also have a chain reaction with the drug, affecting the health of the patient.

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