The Ultimate Guide to Peeled Garlic

Some people especially like garlic. They believe that eating garlic can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, and it can also activate the brain and improve intelligence. But scientists believe that it is more appropriate to consume a clove of raw garlic a day. Or we eat two or three cloves of cooked garlic are more suitable. Suppose we overeat garlic every day for no more benefits. We are all very familiar with garlic. It is a good helper in making delicious dishes, s so do you know the benefits of eating peeled garlic?


The benefits of eating peeled garlic

Peeled garlic has many health functions. It is of great benefit to patients with hyperlipidemia. After the patient eats meat, the fat in the blood will increase exponentially. If you eat some garlic simultaneously will curb the patient’s upward trend of fat. Allicin contained in peeled garlic is the enemy of bacteria. Allicin has inhibitory and killing effects on Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli. You can also use Peeled garlic to treat and prevent many diseases.

Prevent tumor and cancer

According to related research findings, eating peeled garlic can promote the production of an enzyme in the human intestine. This enzyme has the function of enhancing the body’s immunity. It can also eliminate the risk of intestinal tumors caused by harmful substances. There are germanium, selenium, and other elements in peeled garlic. These elements can effectively inhibit the growth of tumor cells and cancer cells. Scientific experiments have proved that people who often eat peeled garlic have a low incidence of cancer. People who eat peeled garlic have high levels of selenium in their blood. Therefore, the American Cancer Organization believes that peeled garlic is the plant with the most anti-cancer potential in the world.

Reduce cholesterol

Eating peeled garlic can not only prevent cancer but also lower cholesterol. The effective ingredients contained in peeled garlic can lower blood fat and cholesterol. Eating peeled garlic for four weeks can reduce the total cholesterol level to 12%. If you insist on eating peeled garlic, this effect may continue to be effective. High blood lipids and high cholesterol can cause various diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, controlling the cholesterol level within the normal range is beneficial to our health. Eating peeled garlic can also eliminate the direct damage of peroxide to the blood vessel wall.

The anti-fatigue effect, lowering blood fat

Medical staff research found that pork is rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B1 is combined with allicin in peeled garlic, which can effectively eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. In addition to anti-fatigue effects, peeled garlic also has the effect of reducing blood lipids. Peeled garlic can also effectively prevent and reduce fat accumulation. Because of the collection of fat, it may cause heart disease. Frequent smoking and drinking will make the blood viscous. If you can eat some peeled garlic at the same time, it will evenly dilute the blood.

Strong sterilization

Peeled garlic can kill bacteria powerfully, and it is an antibiotic of natural plants. Peeled garlic contains about 2% allicin, and sulfur-containing compounds have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Allicin has inhibitory and killing effects on a variety of fungi and viruses. Peeled garlic is one of the most potent antibacterial effects among natural plants found so far. After it enters the human body, it can react with bacteria to form a precipitate. Peeled garlic can also destroy the metabolism of bacteria, making it impossible for bacteria to multiply and grow.

How long does peeled garlic last

At room temperature: can store Peeled garlic at room temperature for about five days. Bacteria and molds are suitable for growth and reproduction at room temperature. The moisture of peeled garlic is easy to lose. A too long time may cause the peeled garlic to rot and become dry.

Refrigerate or freeze: Wrap the peeled garlic granules with plastic wrap and store them in the refrigerator compartment for about three weeks. Low-temperature conditions can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and maintain the moisture of garlic. Peeled garlic can keep the taste, flavor, and freshness for a long time. If it is placed in the freezer, it can be stored for about two months, but the taste is not as good as that of refrigeration.

Best way to store peeled garlic

Put peeled garlic in the fridge freezer. Low temperatures will significantly reduce the reproduction speed of bacteria and other microorganisms. It can maintain the freshness of peeled garlic in a short time. We usually seal the peeled garlic in a fresh-keeping bag. It can continue to be eaten in the refrigerator for about half a year. However, if the garlic cloves are found to be soft, rotten, black, or smelly during the preservation process, they cannot continue to eat, which may endanger health.

It is not recommended to freeze peeled garlic. Because the frozen layer of the refrigerator is below zero, the peeled garlic will freeze and harden in this environment. Please put it in the fridge. Although the storage time will be longer, the texture will become harder. After the peeled garlic is thawed, the internal moisture will be released, which will make the garlic taste weaker and softer. At this time, peeled garlic tastes fresh and crispy without the garlic cloves preserved in refrigeration.

  • First, ensure that there is no water on the surface of the peeled garlic. If there is water on the surface of the peeled garlic, wipe the surface of the garlic dry first.
  • Put the peeled garlic in a fresh-keeping bag with good vacuum sealing performance and put it in the refrigerator.
  • If there is no refrigerator, can store peeled garlic at room temperature. It can be sealed with plastic wrap and kept at room temperature for about two months. You can also put the peeled garlic in the oven and bake it at the store for one month.
  • If the peeled garlic is cut into small pieces, it is recommended to pack it in a sealed glass bottle. Add an appropriate amount of edible salt to it and preserve it in the refrigerator for about half a year.

If you don’t want to refrigerate peeled garlic, you want to keep it for more than a year. So there is also a little trick here. First, prepare a soft tissue, and then prepare some tea leaves. Put these tea leaves on paper towels and wrap them in the paper. Finally, put the dressed tea leaves in a plastic bag with peeled garlic. Vent the air out of the bag, and then tie the bag. This is to take advantage of the oxygen absorption and preservation of tea, which can significantly extend the storage time of garlic.

If you have an oven at home, you can also treat the peeled garlic in the range before storing it. This will also extend the shelf life of the peeled garlic a lot. The best way is to first put the peeled garlic on the baking tray in the oven. Set the temperature at about 50 degrees and let the oven work for 10 to 15 minutes. After taking it out of the range, place the garlic directly in an air-circulating environment so that the peeled garlic can remain unchanged for a long time.

The price of peeled garlic

The market price of peeled garlic is generally about €6 for 1 kg of garlic. It is cheaper than ordinary garlic. Purchasing peeled garlic also eliminates the need for peeling during daily use. And now peeled garlic is processed and peeled under aseptic conditions. So the whole process of garlic peeling is immaculate.

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