9 Best Ways to Store Fresh Garlic

How to store fresh garlic bulbs and cloves? Garlic is a common ingredient that people eat all year round. It has a spicy taste, and many allicins can reduce inflammation and sterilization. But garlic is easy to sprout and deteriorate during the preservation process. So what is the best way to store garlic? Today we will teach you the 9 best ways to store fresh garlic.


1. Hang and save

The best way to store fresh garlic bulbs is by hanging them after harvesting, but it should make necessary selections before storage. You need to remove garlic that is too small or has signs of decay and then place them on the ground to dry until the stems become soft. In the future, we can weave them together, hang them in a clam and ventilated place, and store them for a long time.

2. Chemical storage

Spray with 0.1%- 0.15% penicillin aqueous solution within seven days before harvesting the garlic. You must spray the liquid medicine evenly and must cover the upper and lower blades with mist. Do not pour Qingxian Su for the reserved garlic.

3. Hanging Tibetan 

When harvested garlic, we should carefully select the garlic to hung it. And remove the garlic heads that are too small, rotted, damaged, and damp.Then spread it out on the ground to dry until the stems and leaves become soft and yellow, the outer skin has dried. Finally, choose 50-100 heads of garlic of the same size to braid and hang them under the eaves in a cool, ventilated and rain-proof way, and let them air-dry for storage.


4. Container storage

A best way to store garlic cloves in a container without a lid. After putting it in, put the box in a calm and ventilated place. This way can reduce the influence of sunlight and heat on the garlic, keep the garlic fresh to the greatest extent, and prevent it. Sprouting is the most common method for preserving fresh garlic in the family.

5. Chemical treatment and storage

The commonly used chemical agent is penicillin. Its sodium, potassium and ammonium salts are readily soluble in water and have low toxicity to humans and animals. After garlic bolting to a week before harvest, dilute the phytocyanin with water 120 to 180 times and spray the garlic leaves to inhibit garlic’s germination. You should wash the sprayer used for spraying medicine after using and be careful not to sprinkle the garlic seeds not to affect the germination.

6. Salt preservation

First, peel the garlic into half and half. You don’t need to peel off this garlic; divide the whole garlic into small cloves. Then prepare a glass jar, put the garlic into it, and pour the right amount of salt into it. And then, close the lid and keep it tightly sealed so that the garlic is in an oxygen-free and dry sealed environment. So that we can store our garlic for a long time and without garlic sprouting or drying out.



7. Cigarette preservation

Prepare a plastic bag, put garlic in it, then put a cigarette in it. And squeeze out the air in the plastic bag, then tie the bag tightly and place it in a calm and ventilated place. So that we can preserve our garlic, there no mould or rot in one year, and there will be no symptoms of dryness and sprouting. Because cigarettes contain a kind of nicotine, which can prevent the garlic from mouldy and rot, and it can also keep the garlic in a dormant state for a long time.

8. Tea preservation

What’s the best way to store garlic? Before storing the garlic, you can wrap the tea on a paper towel and then use tape to seal it on the video, tie a few small holes, and put it in the bag. Then put the garlic to be preserved in the bag, tie the bag’s mouth, and place it in a calm and ventilated place. Tea leaves will release tea polyphenols during storage. Tea polyphenols have a noticeable hygroscopic effect, reducing the absorption of garlic’s moisture garlic from spoiling.

9. Oil immersion preservation

There is the best way to store garlic cloves in oil: 1.Peel the garlic cloves out, completely immerse them in the oil, and store them in a glass jar or plastic container. Cover the pot or container with a tightly sealed lid and put it directly into the refrigerator. Use a spoon when you need garlic. Besides, you can also use garlic and olive oil to make garlic paste. Put one part garlic cloves and two parts olive oil into a blender or food processor to mix. After processing, put the garlic paste into a refrigerated container. Close the sealed lid and finally put it into the refrigerated room. This method is very convenient for cooking because olive oil can prevent the garlic slurry from freezing, and when needed, you can directly into the pot with a spoon.


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