How to Find High-quality China Garlic Suppliers on the Website

Many customers want to find high-quality garlic suppliers on the website, Fenduni can give you some suggestions:
First of all, you need to determine the English name of garlic, because the native language of many garlic sellers is not English, and their names for garlic may be different from yours. There are many names for garlic, such as Garlic, Ajo, Alho, etc., so you must first determine the keywords of garlic .

After searching, you can see a lot of garlic suppliers, but among them are garlic traders and garlic wholesalers, you have to distinguish them, the real garlic wholesalers have their own factories, the price of garlic is relatively cheap, and the quality of garlic is comparable to The delivery time is guaranteed, and the following indicators need to be considered when looking for a real garlic supplier:

  1. Export experience.
    This is very important. It will be easy for you to communicate with a garlic supplier with rich export experience, and they will help you solve many problems. Fenduni has more than 20 years of garlic export experience.
  2. The price of garlic.
    Is it within your acceptable range.
  3. The scale of the factory.
    The size of the factory is a demonstration of the strength of the supplier and can ensure delivery time.
  4. Minimum order quantity.
    The minimum order quantity of some garlic factories is a 40-foot container, so customers need a lot of capital to support.
  5. Quality assurance.
    The processes that suppliers take to ensure product quality, such as providing garlic processing videos and SGS certificates
  6. Payment terms and conditions.
    Usually 30% deposit
  7. Communication services. Supplier’s responsiveness and communication service attitude

In the product inquiry stage, you can make inquiries from different garlic suppliers. Then after considering the above situation comprehensively, choose the most suitable garlic supplier. We are sure that Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co.,ltd is your best choice.