Common Questions About Buying China Garlic

Customers often ask questions about garlic, and Fenduni’s Nancy and Annie respond to common questions.


Frequently Asked Questions on Importing Chinese Garlic

1. Which China garlic size do you have?

4.5cm 5.0cm 5.5cm 6.0cm 6.5cm

2. Which China garlic packaging do you have?

We have both mesh bags and cartons for shipping. We can pack garlic in bulk or choose small mesh bags, 3P-10P/bag.

3. When is the new purple garlic harvested every year?

The origin is in Jinxiang. We harvest new garlic in May every year.

4. How to transport purple garlic?

By sea, shipped from Qingdao port.

5. What kind of container is used for exporting red garlic?

We use reefer containers for garlic export,20-foot, and 40-foot reefer container.

6. What is the delivery time?

Within 7 days of receiving seposit.

Fendini is a red garlic exporter located in Jining, with more than 20 years of garlic export experience. The raw materials come from China’s garlic planting base – Jinxiang. The main products are Normal white garlic and Purple, white garlic, also known as red garlic, and white garlic. Garlic, Fenduni has its own garlic processing factory, which can guarantee the delivery time and the quality of garlic. An SGS quality inspection certificate can be provided for each batch of exported garlic. Garlic is mainly exported to more than 180 countries such as Africa, South America, Latin America, and areas. We have cooperated with many customers for more than ten years.

If you want to buy garlic, please contact Fenduni.