Prozess- und Inspektionsstandards für den Export von violettem Knoblauch

Purple garlic is an essential seasoning in every family life and is deeply loved by the public. China purple garlic is rich in nutrients and has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Purple garlic can be seen in both Chinese and Western food all over the world. With the continuous development of world trade in recent years, garlic has gradually become one of the leading agricultural products exported by China. And the export volume of Chinese purple garlic is climbing every year. 2021 Chinese purple garlic export volume is about 1.7 million tons, which has a large share in the international market.

In the process of exporting agricultural products such as fresh Purple garlic, it is still necessary to pay great attention to the aging problem, because once there is a delay and the efficiency cannot keep up, it may affect the freshness of the Purple garlic and cause damage to the goods and affect the taste of Purple garlic.


What is the process of exporting Purple garlic?

After signing a fresh-keeping Purple garlic trade contract with a foreign buyer, you can start preparing for booking, and choose the appropriate cabinet type and volume according to the actual situation of customized Purple garlic. Then prepare the documents required for export declaration.

The documents required for exporting Purple garlic are as follows:

  1. Packing list. (Generally displays the package, number of pieces, weight and size of Purple garlic.)
  2. Invoice. (Indicate the unit price and total price of Purple garlic.)
  3. Trade contracts. (Specify the trade terms of both parties, the division of responsibilities, payment methods, etc.)
  4. Certificate of Origin. (Provided according to the needs of foreign customers.)
  5. Commodity inspection. (Required for inspection.)
  6. Phytosanitary certificate. (The Purple garlicinspection and quarantine certificate issued together with the commodity inspection.)

All the documents are ready, and the Purple garlic has been packed, so you can start customs declaration and issue the sea bill of lading for Purple garlic to the customer.

What kind of Purple garlic meets export standards?

Export high quality Purple garlic quality standard:

  1. Quantity, weight, packaging, specification, labeling, marking.
  2. Purple garlicsafety and health inspection.
  3. Inspection of specific label components.
  4. Purple garlicpest detection, Purple garlicheavy metal detection, Purple garlic pesticide residue detection.
  5. On-site inspection and sampling.
  6. Check whether the product name, batch number, quantity, weight, outer packaging, specifications and marks of the goods are consistent with the inspection documents.
  7. Check for hygiene.
  8. Packaging inspection: Check whether the Purple garlicpackagingis complete, whether there is damage, leakage or pollution, whether the packaging materials are non-toxic and clean, and whether the Purple garlic carton and Purple garlic mesh bag are used for the first time and cannot be reused.
  9. Label inspection: Inspect whether the content of the exported Purple garliclabelmeets the labeling standards or relevant requirements of the importing country.
  10. Sensory inspection: Sensory inspection is to check whether the tissue state, color, odor and taste of Purple garlicare normal, whether there is foreign matter, whether Purple garlicpowder and Purple garlic granules are wet, agglomerated, mildew, spoilage and other phenomena.

Status of Chinese garlic in the world


Chinese garlic prices up slightly. According to Dutch importers, garlic market prices have increased slightly.


More German growers dabble in garlic cultivation
The first Chinese fresh garlic has entered the German market this year. The wholesale price is about 5 euros/kg.
There is a high demand for Chinese grown garlic as the French catering industry needs much fresh garlic.


The local cost of garlic cultivation in Spain has increased due to high energy prices. And this year, the temperature in Spain is high, and the need for irrigation to grow garlic becomes bigger, leading to higher local garlic prices. So the demand for Chinese purple garlic started to increase.


2022 The garlic market starts to stabilize, and the epidemic in the first two years leads to a sharp increase in garlic sales. As the situation improves, the demand for garlic is gradually returning to its previous state.


Garlic orders from overseas began to grow this year on the eve of Chinese New Year. With the increase in labor prices before the holidays, garlic export prices also show an upward trend.
The current FOB price for fresh garlic from China is about $1,200 per ton. Freight costs in China have started to increase due to the epidemic, causing many exporters to want to ship earlier. Initially, garlic prices are expected to be higher in three months.

North America:

Demand for Chinese garlic is stable, but logistical problems continue. We all know that it takes longer to ship garlic to the US.


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