Marktpreis für Knoblauch in Kenia

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Garlic marketing still has great potential. We can see that Großhandel Knoblauch prices around the world are also volatile. At present, global wholesale garlic suppliers have to participate in this process. Kenya is one of the highlighted countries among them. So here, I’ve given you essential facts about the garlic market price in Kenya. Before getting an idea about the garlic market price in Kenya, let’s look at some crucial facts about garlic market in kenya.


Garlic market in Kenya as values of exporting

The sum amount of exporting garlic in Kenya was US$ 100 in 2016, US$ 210 in 2017,  US$ 210 in 2018, and US$ 109 in 2019 years. If we consider the cost of garlic per kg in Kenya for the years 2016 was US$ 2,702.70, in  2017 was US$ 1,418.92, in 2018 was US$ 1,489.36 and in 2019 was US$ 2,658.54.

Garlic market price in Kenya

Garlic market price in Kenya as wholesale garlic price. In 2021, the total price difference for Kenya Garlic is between US$ 2.66 and US$ 1.49 per kilogram or between US$ 1.21 and US$ 0.68 per pound(lb). The cost in Kenyan Shilling is KES 289.6 per kg. The average price for a tonne is US$ 2658.54 in Mombasa and Nairobi. The import cost of garlic in Kenya was US$0.59 per kg in 2019.

The wholesale garlic prices in Kenya have increased. In other words, the cost of garlic per kg has increased. In 2017, garlic price per kg was going for US$1.42. And in 2018, the garlic price per kg was $1.49. But in 2019, the organic garlic price per pound reached $2.68, by 80.139%.

Now let’s consider the considerably performing markets garlic price per kg in Kenya in 2019.  All those have been exported to Somalia, Belarus, the Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK), and Angola. Mainly there are three types of garlic in Kenya as Garlic, fresh or chilled.