Beste chinesische Lieferanten für violetten Knoblauch

Chinese purple garlic can use by humans for thousands of years! Chinese purple garlic is widely known for its use as a seasoning and therapeutic effect in cooking. Today, garlic is also widely used to prevent certain cancer diseases, such as lung cancer and stomach cancer. However, the quality of fresh garlic in the market is uneven.

How to choose a purple garlic supplier is a problem that buyers must consider. If you want to buy high-quality red garlic and white garlic, you need to consider the origin of garlic and well-known garlic supplier and manufacturer.

Our advantages as a supplier of purple garlic in China.


Place of Origin: Jinxiang County, Shandong, China

Jinxiang County, Shandong is one of the most important purple garlic production and export areas in China. The cultivation of purple stripe garlic plays a very important role in local agriculture. The income brought by the garlic industry is the main source of income for local farmers.
From a domestic point of view, Jinxiang is the main purple stripe garlic producing area in China, and the industrial development of Jinxiang garlic is of great significance for maintaining the sustainable and stable development of China’s garlic supply. From the international market perspective, “the world purple stripe garlic looks at China, and China’s garlic looks at Jinxiang” China occupies an absolute share in the international market, and Jinxiang garlic is also concerned by all countries in the world. The temperature in Jinxiang County is warm and cool, and the soil is mainly sandy and clay soil.
It has natural conditions for the development of the Chinese purple garlic industry. Jinxiang garlic has been planted for more than 2,000 years. Purple garlic seeds have a good taste and strong medicinal value. Jinxiang garlic is mainly exported by export trade, and the regions are mainly concentrated in countries and regions such as Asia, America, and Africa.

purple garlic plant

With nearly 20 years of export experience, more than 2,000 containers can be exported every year.

Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co., Ltd., as a well-known purple garlic supplier in China, has 20 years of purple garlic export experience, and has rich experience in planting, harvesting, selection, processing, packaging, refrigeration, transportation and export.

We have 16 purchasing points, and 18 cold storage with a capacity of over 13,000 metric tons, as a Chinese purple garlic supplier, Fenduni’s annual sales volume is as high as 50,000 metric tons. These figures are among the best among garlic suppliers and manufacturers.

Chinese purple garlic manufacturer help you bring you high-quality fresh garlic with good taste at the most competitive price. When you buy garlic from a quality garlic supplier, you get the following benefits:

  1. You’ll get large Chinese purple garlic with 7-8 cloves per garlic head!
  2. The aroma and smell will last a long time! This is because Chinese purple garlic suppliers utilize fresh organic fertilizers to grow garlic plants.
  3. Chinese purple garlic suppliers can provide red and white garlic in different sizes for home and commercial use.
  4. You can buy fresh purple garlic at a good price from garlic suppliers.
  5. Don’t worry about the delivery time, excellent purple garlic suppliers will maintain good cooperative relations with world-reno