3 Best Ways to Wholesale Garlic

Garlic wholesale is a profitable business. To profit from wholesale garlic, we must first develop a high-quality supply. In other words, we need to find a channel that can wholesale the best quality garlic at the lowest cost. Garlic can be sold everywhere, and today we will teach you the 3 best places for wholesale garlic.
farmers growing garlic

1. Garlic growers

This is the best way to wholesale garlic for small-batch garlic wholesale buyers, and no intermediary earns the difference. You can get freshly harvested organic garlic at the lowest price. Wholesale garlic from local garlic farmers is reliable and stable. The advantage is that there is no limit on the quantity and the process. You can check the quality of garlic on the spot and fight for a wholesale discount.
garlic farmer's market

2. Farmer’s market

There are many retailers are selling agricultural and sideline products in the farmers’ market. Many farmers and merchants also sell the garlic they harvest. In this way, you don’t have to find garlic suppliers yourself, which saves time. As it is a wholesale market, garlic prices will still be much lower. Remember to check the quality of the garlic carefully for damage, and choose a large, well-shaped, plump garlic bulb.
Garlic wholesale supplier

3. Garlic wholesale supplier

A large, well-known garlic wholesaler must be the best choice if you want to start a garlic wholesale business. They have a stable supply chain and rich experience,  garlic shipped by express. You only need to communicate the variety, quantity, and price then place an order online. This way to wholesale garlic is simple and worry-free. The entire packaging, storage, and transportation process is a one-stop service.


In addition to several common ways above, you can also buy garlic wholesale in supermarkets, grocery stores, or individual retailers. Usually, we don’t recommend this unless you are wholesale garlic bulbs for planting. After finding the supply, the next step is to sell your garlic.

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