Top 6 Onion Exporters

Onions are native to Central Asia or West Asia and are cultivated in North and South China. Rich in many nutrients. It has many beneficial effects. In addition, it can enhance metabolism. Onions can resist aging and prevent osteoporosis. It is a healthy food suitable for middle-aged and older adults.

Onions are a kind of food worldwide. China and Southeast Asia are the leading exporters of onions. With the current development of international trade, the export scale of onions is also increasing, and the annual export scale is now about 500,000 tons. Next, I will list a few famous onion exporters for you.



Their products are sold in more than 30 countries around the world. Their production base is beside the Suez Canal in Egypt. Almost 10% of all maritime trade in the world is carried here. Dakahlia is well located as a prominent onion exporters. Convenient transportation can reduce transportation time is its main advantage. As an excellent onion exporters, it can use container ships almost anywhere in the world. This makes them a well-known onion exporters. As the largest onion exporters, it has five production bases in different climatic regions of Egypt. They can grow and supply fruits and onions in a unique production window. And their superior geographical location significantly shortens the transportation time. Therefore, as onion exporters, all their fruits and onions will enter the market earlier and fresher.

At the same time

They promise to provide natural, fresh onions. This is something other agricultural companies cannot offer. They are also concerned about the health of the land where onions grow. Therefore, the quality of onions exported by other onion exporters is better. Their farmland is rich in high-quality fruits and onions. The onion exporters are Egypt’s top onion exporters. They are proud to provide customers all over the world with the best service that nature can provide. They are expanding their product range to meet customer needs. As an excellent onion exporters, he has been working hard to produce the best onions and fruits.

They have the most advanced facilities and professionals. They invested much money in land development and personnel training. Its mission is to provide customers with unparalleled product quality and an excellent customer experience. They constantly update our product portfolio. Our standards and practices include strict cleanliness, accurate traceability systems, and a high emphasis on employee training and development. In addition, their products fully comply with all international standards. As an onion exporters, it has five fertile production bases in Egypt. Therefore, the transportation and packaging methods comply with the regulations set by GlobalGAP.

Fenduni Foodstuff Co., Ltd

This is a professional garlic producer and exporter. China and India are the countries that export the most onions in the world. The factory is located in Jinxing County (Hometown of Garlic in China), Jining City, Shandong Province, China. This is a very well-known onion exporters in the world. We have extensive experience in planting, harvesting, selection, processing, packaging, refrigeration, transportation, and export. Therefore, he can provide customers with the highest quality garlic. As the most famous onion exporters in China, its onion prices are low, delivering fast and providing the best service. Their onions can export to more than 150 countries all year round.

As China’s largest onion exporters, he can guarantee that all onions are hand-selected. They guarantee to provide customers with the purest, nutritious, high-quality purple onions. All onions exported are hand-grown to ensure the taste of onions. No pesticides do use in the production process of onions, and you can eat all onions with confidence.


This is a collection mall for Indian onion exporters. Indiamart is India’s largest online B2B market. Associate buyers with onion exports. This channel has a 60% market share in the online B2B category space in India. It does commit to providing a platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, and individuals. The company was founded in 1999 with a mission to “make doing business easy.” There are many types of onions for you to choose from, including purple onions, small onions, dehydrated onions, and other products. Indiamart is India’s largest exporter of onions. There are a variety of onions for you to choose from. You can select the onion variety you want here. You can also set the onion exporters you want to buy from various aspects by comparing the price, quality, etc.

The most significant advantage of choosing it is to establish contact with buyers anytime, anywhere. It also provides buyers and onion exporters with a wide range of products and supply markets. Here you can post your requirements. Then a suitable onion exporters will contact you. All onion exporters have export certification. Onion exporters are committed to providing customers with high-quality fresh fruits and onions. Each of their onion exporters will also have its dedicated company service personnel. They will help you choose the best quality and freshest onions.

Geewin Exim

Geewin Exim is an onion exporters with rich experience. At the same time, it also exports fresh vegetables, nuts, rice, etc. The company has become one of India’s leading onion exporters. Complete customer satisfaction is the focus of their company. At the same time, after years of hard work, they now have a high status in the international arena. They are constantly meeting the various needs of customers and different industries.

Their onion procurement is divided into several departments, and there are strict quality inspectors. Rigorous quality testing is carried out at every stage of the procurement process and packaging. Therefore, like an onion exporters, the quality of the onions he exports is always guaranteed. They also have their separate warehouse to store onions, which can be entirely stored and selected. This will ensure that the quality of exported onions is the best. And the ample warehouse storage can guarantee the delivery of the specified onions by the regulations.

They have also obtained many certificates internationally. It is a famous onion exporters. Geewin Exim has passed TUV STD, D&B, SRG Intertek, APEDA, and other certifications. They are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, and they attach great importance to the quality of their products. As a well-known onion exporters, we will monitor the entire production process and inspect each product. Geewin Exim has a rich supplier base and can meet bulk orders. The professionals of Geewin Exim have an in-depth understanding of the audit procedures and in-depth inspection of the final consignment before shipment. All are well  equipped, spacious, tidy, and clean. They also have a packaging unit to ensure a long shelf life of the product. So buying onions at Geewin Exim is a good choice.

SS Exports

He is considered one of the top red onion exporters in India. They buy Indian red onions from famous agriculturists and film producers. This is to ensure the authenticity of customers. Their bright red onions are evenly sized, adding rich flavor and texture to foods from all over the world. Can customize The quantity and packaging according to customer requirements. They have a team of professionals. They guarantee to provide perfect products to customers worldwide and maintain the quality of the products. SS Exports have the necessary enthusiasm and enthusiasm to deliver quality products and services to the industry. They ensure the organization’s seamless supply and export procedures. In addition, their comprehensive expertise and experience have established their own business in the domestic and international markets.

This onion exporters adheres to the “quality first culture” and maintains a high degree of hygiene and cleanliness in its production sites and storage units. All products from the factory comply with the best quality and safety regulations. Therefore, it acknowledges the sensitivity and appreciation of customers for quality and safety. Excellent integrated logistics management, transportation, and input traceability system, online tracking of fruits and vehicle can improve business efficiency and response speed. By providing the highest quality products and services, they are fully committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Their expert team also abides by strict product quality standards and tests the products with various parameters before shipment, striving to maintain the quality of the product series.

Sun E

Sun Exports India is located in Tamil Nadu, southern India. India’s second-largest onion exporters, the company has a long-standing reputation in the trade of a wide range of products from coconuts to vegetables. Since 2011, Sun Exports has established a niche market in the export industry and competes globally. They are involved in the import and export industry and provide one-stop solutions for your domestic and foreign trade needs.

It relies on state-of-the-art facilities and in-depth knowledge of overseas markets in Asia and the Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries/regions. Sun Exports has won important local and overseas customers. The secret of their success is always to exceed customer requirements and expectations.

The company has developed into one of the most popular and trusted names in the industry and has earned a reputation for providing quality products and services. Their products include coconuts, cassava, onions, and green bananas, covering a wide range of markets across the country. And it can supply in large quantities overseas. They have been continuously enhancing their ability to deliver to customers and provide services to customers in the most effective way while obtaining the highest quality at a competitive price.

They always strive to establish strong connections with various onion customers and continue to grow the integrity of their products and services. Our goal is to accurately and perfectly gather all the desired products into the hands of customers. As an excellent onion exporters, they are committed to providing customers with the highest quality purple onions. Provide customers with the best service based on ensuring quality and cost.

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