How to Start A Garlic Wholesale Business?

garlic wholesale bussiness
garlic wholesale bussiness
garlic wholesale bussiness
If you are considering how to start a garlic wholesale business, then this article will help you. Today on this page, we will provide you with important information about the garlic wholesale business. Starting a garlic wholesale business is an excellent idea because garlic is always in short supply. As Roberta Bailey, a gourmet garlic grower in Maine, said: “Delicious and high-quality garlic is never enough.”
In other words, without garlic, vegetables are not tasty. Every family and all restaurants are consuming garlic ingredients. So wholesale garlic is a booming business, and it’s still growing. This is why starting a garlic wholesale business is an interesting way to earn considerable income at very low costs.
Certainly, wholesale garlic maybe a little bit harder at first. But when small vendors and grocers start to get goods from your warehouse, your garlic wholesale business will begin to profit. Garlic is something that does not deteriorate quickly, so there is no need to worry about this.

There are many things to consider to profit from the wholesale garlic business. So how to start a garlic wholesale business? I will analyze from the following four aspects:


To start a garlic wholesale business, first, you need a warehouse or shop. This warehouse or shop must be carefully considered, and it must be able to store a large amount of garlic. We all know that all small vendors who sell garlic and open a local vegetable shop will buy garlic from wholesale stores. The farmers market is still the most popular garlic wholesale place, attracting many people eager to obtain local garlic products. So set up a shop or stall at the farmers’ market and display your garlic.
After that, consider making a registration form for the mailing list: more and more people are starting to wholesale the garlic they want through mail-order sales. But if you are having trouble finding a shop to start a garlic wholesale business, please consider selling your garlic in regional or national gardening magazines. If you want to start a garlic wholesale business quickly, you can work with restaurants near you and provide them with garlic. Because if you do garlic wholesale business, they have found a place where they can buy garlic cheaper than the market. In this way, restaurants will start to large wholesale quantities of garlic from you, and your profits will increase significantly.

Wholesale suitable varieties of garlic

There are two main types of garlic: soft neck and hard neck. For small garlic wholesalers, it is recommended that you use hard-necked garlic. It can grow well in colder climates and taste better. That is to say, it is the most profitable type of garlic wholesale business. Here are a few varieties of garlic suitable for starting your garlic wholesale business:

Chesnok Red

Chesnok Red is the best choice for roasted garlic. On the other hand, it retains its original taste and texture during baking. A variety of garlic is suitable for cooking hungry, which has a large violet bulb with 9-10 petals that are easy to peel.

Basque Turban

The Basque turban matures quickly so that it can be harvested and enjoyed in early summer. It has purple stripes on its bulbs and lilacs, and each bulb usually produces 6-8 large lilacs.

Inchelium Red

Inchelium Red’s large bulb has thick skin with a few cloves. It is full of energy, delicious and mild, and lingering.

Albigensian Wight

A recropped soft-necked variety from southwest France. It has large bulbs and is a heavy crop.

Bianco Veneto

Usually sold in the form of “Venetian White,” this soft-necked variety has a strong flavor. It performs well in cold conditions and is well stored.

Chesnok White

This high-necked variety comes from Ukraine and has attractive purple stripes. It is said to be the best variety of garlic bread.

Early Purple White

A soft-necked variety with purple bulbs. As the name suggests, it has been harvested since mid-May.

Iberia White

This soft-necked variety from Spain has large bulbs and plump cloves, suitable for weaving.


Jolimont is a soft-necked variety cultivated in France, which can produce white bulbs with a strong flavor.

Solent Wight

This soft-necked variety has small bulbs and is bred on the Isle of Wight.

White Christo

White Christo is a reliable and easy-to-grow garlic variety that produces large bulbs. It can be stored well.

Selling garlic products

Selling manufactured garlic products will make your garlic wholesale business easier to get started. Garlic is consumed in every household and has relatively stable market demand. Moreover, garlic bulbs can be stored for 5-6 months after harvest. Therefore, this is conducive to extending the sales season of the garlic wholesale business. Garlic can be processed into various food preparations and sales, such as chutney, kimchi, curry powder, curry vegetables, meat and meat product preparation, tomato sauce, etc. You can also add the second generation of raw garlic products to the garlic wholesale business, such as garlic powder, garlic salt, garlic vinegar, garlic cheese croutons, garlic potato chips, garlic bread, etc.
For instance, Some garlic products are processed, significantly dehydrated, and easier to sell after drying under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Because of its concentrated form, low cost, and convenient transportation, dehydrated garlic is popular among civilians, military, and small garlic wholesalers in addition to export. The excellent dehydrated garlic manufactured products are very suitable for starting your garlic wholesale business. And its dry state is widely used, especially in scarce countries abroad.
Here are some garlic products:

Garlic powder

Dehydration or drying of garlic is used for its preservation.  In addition, the garlic powder is used to treat diseases and seasoning.

Garlic oil

Garlic is one of the important bulb crops grown and used as spices and condiments throughout India. It has high nutritional value and medicinal value. Allicin in garlic has antibacterial properties. This plant is a small herb that produces small bulbs called cloves covered with a thin layer of skin.

Dehydrated garlic powder

Garlic powder refers to garlic in powder form. The powder form refers to the less-moisture or dehydrated form. In other words, dehydrated garlic is in the form of flour. Due to the reduced moisture content of the material, its weight and volume are greatly reduced. More importantly, the dehydrated material can be compressed, further saving packaging and transportation costs, allowing you to benefit from the garlic wholesale business.

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