How to Store purple stripe garlic

People often ask how they should store garlic at home, and the question is actually quite simple. But did you know that purple stripe garlic can be stored for several months after harvest? In the absence of canning, freezing, or dehydration. The secret depends on what type of purple stripe garlic you harvest and your knowledge of how well it is stored and cured. Follow the detailed instructions below to help you harvest your produce at the suitable time, cure the garlic, and ensure that the garlic bulb stays fresh for a considerable time after you pull them out of the ground.

Purple strip garlic varieties

While consumers are generally unaware of the type of garlic they buy or grow, it is important to understand that not all other types of garlic are easy to preserve. Most of the garlic you buy at the grocery store tends to grow in warm climates, such as China, and we export a special kind of garlic. Purple strip garlic has longer storage time and higher nutritional value.

How Long Does purple stripe garlic Last?

Normally, garlic keeps for about five months, and that includes purple striped garlic. It can last up to seven months if stored in the refrigerator. Garlic is a very common seasoning and it is also relatively easy to preserve. If you dispose of garlic at will after buying it home, it will affect its freshness and grow buds easily. It can be stored in a cool, ventilated environment for up to five months.

How Do You Know When It’s Bad?

If we want to know if garlic has gone bad, we can tell in three ways:

1 good garlic is full, bad garlic is soft。

2, pinch, bad garlic soft, can pinch a pit, good garlic sings are very hard.

3, peel, good garlic is very hard, bad garlic is normally very soft.

purple stripe garlic Storage

Purple garlic is one of the many kinds of garlic, its garlic with its fat, juicy, spicy smell rich, mashed into puree, unchanged taste and quite famous. As well as being rich in nutrition and delicious, the garlic shoots and garlic ballads are also good vegetables that people like to eat. Purple garlic is usually small and large, with four to eight cloves per head. It has a strong spicy taste and a high yield.

How to Store Whole Garlic Heads

For garlic, hanging it in a mesh bag is usually the best option. This will provide good air circulation to the garlic heads and help prevent mold or decay

How to Store Chopped or Minced Garlic

If you store stray cloves, place them in a clay pot, paper bag, or even a beer/soda container, as long as the container is breathable and the environment is kept dry. You can also marinate garlic cloves, which requires a container and an airtight environment, which will allow you to harvest a delicious garlic marinade.

Freezing purple stripe garlic

When faced with the fact that we don’t have enough containers to store garlic, I have no choice but to freeze the garlic. For purple strip garlic, storage conditions are a little more demanding than for regular garlic.

Cold storage time: 3 months.

Suitable temperature for fresh storage of garlic: -4℃~-1℃。 During the storage period, the temperature in the library should be maintained, and the fluctuation value should not exceed ±1 °C. purple garlic freezing point is -3 °C, and the bulb can resist the low temperature of -6 °C ~ -7 °C. However, the temperature should not be too low, otherwise the frozen garlic cloves will be water-soaked, off-white, the taste will become worse, and the edible value will be seriously lost. In addition, the storage temperature is higher than 5 °C, which is easy to germinate, and the garlic cloves will dry out when they lose nutrients.

Relative humidity: 80%~85% for fresh storage of purple garlic. After the temperature reaches the standard value, the next step is to control the humidity in the library. Humidity cannot be too high, too high will lead to the bulb is easy to absorb water and damp mildew; On the contrary, too low humidity will aggravate the transpiration of garlic, resulting in water loss and desiccated cells.

Can You Freeze Garlic?

For this problem, garlic can be refrigerated, but not frozen:

1. Garlic should not be stored frozen. When garlic is stored in the refrigerator, it loses moisture and flavor, and makes the refrigerator smell unpleasant.

2. Garlic can be refrigerated. But pay attention to the refrigerated environment. A poor refrigeration environment can be a loss for garlic and your refrigerator.

How to freeze Garlic

The refrigerator freezer will prevent the garlic from sprouting, but keep it closed or it will smell. The garlic will be transparent when it freezes, and when it melts in the house it will recover, but it will lose some of its moisture and become dry. Put it in the freezer. Never freeze. Garlic can be kept fresh for at least half a month at a suitable low temperature, but do not let it go below -1℃

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