How to Increase Garlic Yield

Garlic is mainly harvested garlic, and the size of garlic directly determines the yield and quality of garlic. Most importantly, april to May is the expansion period of garlic bulbs. It is also the key period for the formation of garlic bulbs. How do manage garlic to achieve a high yield and good harvest?

Garlic bulb expansion stage For garlic yield

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According to the growth and development characteristics of garlic, the whole growth period of garlic is divided into:

1. seedling stage, flower bud
2. scale bud differentiation stage,
3. bolting stage,
4. bulb expansion stage
5. harvest stage

To sum up, the developmental characteristics of garlic are various periods. The bulbs expansion period of garlic is the period when garlic bulbs expand the fastest. The bulb expansion stage is the period from the differentiation of lateral buds to the maturity of garlic cloves. The time is 20 to 25 days. Generally, the garlic heads swell the fastest 10 to 15 days after the garlic sprouts.

After plucking, the top advantage of nutrients is canceled, and nutrients are transported to the garlic head in a concentrated manner to meet its growing needs. In short, this period is the most critical period for the formation of garlic production. Meanwhile, doing a good job in the management of this period is the premise and Assure.

After harvesting garlic sprouts, clean the garden in time For garlic yield

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First of all, after the harvest of garlic sprouts, the garden should be cleaned in time. The garlic leaves bruised in the field should be sorted out. For example, the broken leaves, old leaves, diseased leaves, and weeds of garlic should be thoroughly cleaned and taken out of the field for deep burial to reduce field pathogens. Base, prevent the reproduction of germs in the field and reduce diseases’ occurrence and damage.

Provide adequate nutrients and water for garlic growth

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On the other hand, garlic needs a lot of nutrients and water in the process of rapid expansion. Whether the root system of garlic absorbs sufficient underground nutrients and the amount of organic matter produced by leaf photosynthesis determines the level of garlic production. Therefore, maintaining sufficient photosynthesis of leaves and improving the ability of roots to absorb water and fertilizer are the keys to high yield of garlic.

Moreover, garlic is a fibrous root plant. During the expansion period of garlic bulbs, it needs to absorb a lot of nutrients and water to meet the growth and development needs of garlic bulbs, especially for potassium and sulfur fertilizers. After entering April, it is necessary to carry out regular top dressing Watering, generally once every 10 to 15 days, to keep the soil water content at 70-80%, combined with watering, apply 20-30 kg of 45% potassium sulfate compound fertilizer per mu each time with water, or 10 kg of 60% high potassium type macroelement water-soluble fertilizer can promote the rapid expansion of garlic bulbs and increase the proportion of garlic heads.

prevention and control of pests and diseases For garlic yield

The bulb expansion stage of garlic is also the period of the high incidence of various diseases and insect pests of garlic. The aboveground diseases mainly include leaf blight, rust, blight, etc. These diseases mainly damage the leaves of garlic. Under suitable conditions, a large number of leaves can be dried up and seriously affect the photosynthesis of garlic. Function; Underground pests and diseases mainly include root rot, ground maggots, etc., which mainly damage the underground bulb and root system of garlic, cause rot, make garlic lose its edible value, and lead to production reduction.

In the early stage of garlic maggots, 200-400 ml/mu of 25% chlorfenapyr clothianidin suspension agent, combined with top dressing and watering, can effectively prevent the damage of ground maggots to bulbs. Before and after garlic bolting, use 20-30 ml/mu of 40% oxazolidine-tebuconazole suspension agent, or 10-15 g/mu of 75% oxime-tebuconazole water-dispersible granules, add 30 kg of water to spray evenly, Spray once every 10 days and spray twice in a row to effectively prevent and control the occurrence and spread of leaf blight, rust, and other diseases.

The above are the management techniques and precautions on how to increase garlic production. The management of water and fertilizer after plucking garlic is the key to the high yield of garlic.

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