Garlic Strings for Sale In China

garlic strings for sale

Garlic is one of the most common condiments in life. To be beautiful and convenient for storage, people will weave it into garlic strings. FENDUNI is a professional garlic supplier and wholesaler in China, providing high-quality garlic products, including garlic strings for sale service. If you want to learn more about garlic strings for sale, please click

What are garlic strings?

garlic strings for sale

Garlic strings are long decorative garlic strings formed by tying the tops of many garlic bulbs together. The size of the garlic strings depends on how many garlic bulbs are contained in each bundle. Some garlic strings can have 50 to 100 garlic bulbs, weighing between half a kilogram and one kilogram.

Many times, people will buy garlic strings for decoration because it has a rustic and natural feel. Weaving garlic bulbs into garlic strings and hanging them can usually improve garlic bulbs’ storage conditions and extend their lifespan. If you want to view garlic strings for sale information, please contact us.

How to make garlic strings

FENDUNI provides you with garlic strings for sale service. You can get a market guide for garlic strings for sale without hands-on. There are many different ways to make garlic strings, but the common idea is that you need to make garlic bulbs leaves soft. Before making garlic strings, please clean the garlic bulbs and cut off some rhizomes.

garlic strings for sale

Clean the garlic bulbs

Before weaving garlic strings, take some time to remove the dirt remaining on the garlic bulbs.

  • You can use your fingers to remove dirt and other residues from the garlic bulbs in some cases. If the garlic bulbs are particularly dirty, you may need to use a soft cloth to clean the bulb.
  • For stubborn dirt that cannot be wiped off with your fingers or cloth, please try to wipe the garlic bulbs with an old toothbrush. But the technique must be gentle so as not to damage the garlic bulbs during cleaning.
  • If the garlic bulbs are very dirty, you may need to remove the outer layer of dry skin.

Trimming garlic bulbs

To ensure your convenience, you need to trim the garlic bulbs before you start weaving garlic strings.

  • Usually, a messy root will grow on the garlic bulbs. So you need to cut it off by about three quarters. The roots of garlic bulbs are not very thick, so you can use regular scissors to trim the garlic bulbs.
  • If you find any garlic bulbs with serrated or grassy leaves, you may also want to trim them because they make it more challenging to weave garlic strings.

Soaked garlic bulbs stems

When weaving garlic strings, the pliable leaves of garlic bulbs will facilitate our weaving. The best way to make garlic strings more flexible is to soak them in water.

  • Fill a bowl or sink with warm water and soak the garlic bulbs so that the leaves of the garlic bulbs are submerged.
  • Suppose you don’t want the garlic bulbs to get wet. Let the leaves soak for about 15 to 30 minutes or until they become softer.
  • You can sandwich the garlic bulbs between two completely wet towels without soaking the leaves. Ensure that the garlic bulbs are not wet, and let the leaves sit for 15 to 30 minutes.
garlic strings for sale

If the garlic bulbs are too fresh, the garlic strings may become a little loose. And when the garlic bulbs leave dry out, the garlic strings may fall apart. At this time, you only need to make a summary at the top of garlic strings to solve this problem. You can also use this knot to hang garlic strings on the wall. FENDUNI is a professional garlic strings for sale supplier that provides you with the most comprehensive garlic strings for sale information.

Then you can start weaving garlic strings.

Lay three clean garlic stems on the table with the leaves of the large garlic bulbs facing you. Put down one garlic bulb, and then place the other two garlic bulbs side by side on top of it.

  • Place the stalks of garlic bulbs two and three under the stalks of garlic bulbs one, and then pass them. Tie the stems of the three garlic bulbs together with a knotted rope. If the garlic stems are soft enough, you can tie the garlic bulbs together without thread.
  • Place the fourth garlic bulbs between garlic bulbs two and garlic bulbs three so that their stalks are aligned with the center stalk. Now, you have three garlic stems: one on the left, one on the right, and two in the middle.
  • Fold the left garlic stalk to the middle, and fold it over the two garlic stalks in the middle. Now pull out the two garlic stems in the middle to form a new left garlic stem.
  • Place garlic bulbs five next to garlic bulbs four, and again align the garlic stem of bulb five with the center stem. Now, fold the right garlic stem onto the two center stems to become the new center. Pull out the two garlic stalks in the middle to form a new left garlic stalk.
  • Repeat this sequence, alternating one side of the garlic bulbs each time, and continuously align its stem with the center stem. Note that the number of straws you fold in the middle will increase each time.

After weaving the last garlic bulbs, continue weaving the leaves until there are almost no leaves. Tie the garlic strings on top of the last fold, and then hang them with rope.

garlic strings for sale

The simple way to make garlic strings

Place three garlic bulbs with long leaves on the table with the garlic leaves facing you.

  • Connect the garlic bulbs by folding the garlic leaves.
  • Spread out the garlic leaves and divide them into three different parts.
  • Add new garlic bulbs on the left, and then place the garlic leaves in the middle.
  • Start weaving the leaves by pulling the garlic leaves on the right side toward the center.
  • Add new garlic bulbs on the right side, and place the garlic leaf in the center. Pull the left garlic leaves toward the center.
  • Continue to add new garlic bulbs on both sides and weave the garlic tightly.
  • Finish the knitting, add a small loop and tighten your garlic strings with the knot.

Such simple garlic strings are complete.

FENDUNI ’s garlic strings for sale service

As a professional garlic manufacturer, we are in a leading position in garlic wholesale. Our garlic factory is located in Jinxing County (Hometown of Garlic in China), Jining City, Shandong Province, China. We provide high-quality garlic wholesale service, which many customers love at home and abroad. FENDUNI has formed a complete set of standardized garlic strings for sale management process and has integrated many valuable resources. Therefore, we can provide customers with the most competitive garlic strings for sale price. If you need to buy garlic strings, please click to view our information.

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