Top 10 Garlic Importers and Garlic Buyers in Malaysia


When it comes to having the best fruits and vegetables in Malaysia, the local products sometimes do not meet the industry’s requirements. These requirements are occasionally qualitative, while sometimes they are quantitative.

Garlic is one of those items imported in Malaysia by garlic buyers, and many active importers work for importing garlic. So, if you need any type of information about the garlic importers, we will discuss all that you need to know.

The top 10 garlic importers in Malaysia

The following are the top 10 garlic importers in Malaysia that you can go for.

1. AO Group

The first on our list of garlic buyers and suppliers is AO Group. It is a company manufacturing grain and fertilizer specializing in importing and exporting agricultural products of the best quality. It is one of the best garlic powder buyers options you can go for.

2. Suren Agrofarming

Suren Agrofarming Enterprise is an expert in garlic and garlic powder buyers and sellers dealing. Being an importer and exporter in Malaysia is the best choice for you. They deal in all types of agriculture products ranging from vegetables to nuts and a lot more.

3. WW Agri-Food Trading

Not only do you get made in Malaysia products of the best quality, but this is a company that can provide you with the best quality imported garlic. Here you can contact their team to get a price quote before getting the garlic imported to Malaysia for your fresh garlic buyers. In this way, the whole process will be very streamlined and easy for you.

4. Standard Fresh Vegetable company

Standard Fresh Vegetable company is another top choice from the garlic buyers and seller’s options in Malaysia. They deal in all kinds of garlic, like regular garlic and pure white garlic. If you are looking for a long-term garlic powder buyers relationship, then it may be the best choice for you, considering the range of products you get here.

5. Top Preference SDN BHD

While local garlic is not the most acceptable for some of your garlic buyers in Malaysia, Top Preference is the company you can go for. It is a company that deals in importing garlic from about 40 countries worldwide to provide you with the best quality garlic. Moreover, monthly importing means that you will always get the best and fresh product for your garlic buyers.

6. Manual Rich SDN BHD

If you are done with importers who claim to be genuine but are not providing the right product, then Manual Rich is the best choice for you in Malaysia. It is a genuine and professional supplier of fresh Garlic and Ginger. So, if you need fresh Chinese garlic for your garlic powder buyers in Malaysia, you can contact them for their best services.

7. Umran Seeds Trading

Umran Seeds is one of the best garlic suppliers in Malaysia as they have been working since 1999. With this 20+ years of experience working in the importing field. They can provide you with the best-imported agriculture products, including vegetables, oils, grains, and a lot more.

8. Standard Fresh Trading

Standard Fresh Trading is the best choice for you if you are looking for hassle-free dealing in Malaysia. It is a company that uses many factors to add value for customers, like providing fresh crops and owning cold storage for more reliability of crops. So, if you are looking to buy one of the best quality imported garlic for your garlic powder buyers, then it is the right choice.

9. Standard Fresh Vegetable

If you have some fresh garlic buyers waiting for the best product, it is important to go for the best importers in Malaysia. Standard Fresh Vegetable is one of those options where you can maintain long-term garlic importing relationship for the best garlic importing experience. The best part is that they can get you any type of garlic from any part of the world right according to your requirements.

Note: “Standard Fresh Vegetable” and “Standard Fresh Vegetable Company” are two different companies operating in Malaysia.

10. Keongco Malaysia SDN BHD

There might be a chance that your fresh garlic buyers are looking for a huge stock of imported garlic. Keongco Malaysia is the company that you can look for in this scenario as they are one of the largest importers and suppliers of vegetables like garlic. With its business penetrated overseas, you can expect some of the best services here.

The benefits of selecting the top 10 garlic importers in Malaysia

When you look for buying items like garlic, you may come across many garlic buyers and importers. However, all of them will not be providing the best quality. When you select the best garlic powder buyers, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits, and here are some of those benefits.

No compromise on quality.

Selecting the top 10 garlic importers in Malaysia means that you will never have to compromise on the quality of garlic. In this way, you will get the best garlic powder and fresh garlic for your garlic powder buyers.

Your required product will always be available.

Availability is one of the biggest issues for fresh products. However, as long as you focus on the garlic importers in Malaysia, you will never have to deal with such issues. The top 10 garlic importers in Malaysia will make sure that you always get the product that you desire.

Peace of mind in your business will increase.

If you have a business that includes garlic products, selecting the top 10 garlic importers in Malaysia will bring peace of mind. Here you will be getting the best prices for the right quality and quantity. At the same time, other features like availability for your garlic powder buyers will provide you with peace of mind.


To serve your garlic buyers in the best way, you need to get the services of the top 10 garlic importers in Malaysia. Here we discussed the benefits of selecting the best importers with the top 10 garlic importers that you can select in Malaysia.

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