Top Eight Garlic Importers in Canada

Canada is a significant garlic growing and exporting country, as well as major garlic importing country. Like the United States, Canada mainly imports garlic and ginger from China. Entering 2021, the Canadian garlic import market continues to be hot. The Canadian garlic import market is so strong. Who is driving it? To provide helpful information to garlic exporters and those interested in garlic importers, we have compiled a list of the top 8 garlic importers in Canada. Then look down!

Forbes Wild Foods

Forbes Wild Foods is a company that supplies wild, hand-select food to restaurants. It is one of the largest fresh garlic buyers in Canada. They source the freshest, high-quality garlic from the local area and process it. Wild Foods is committed to providing diners with a variety of delicious garlic food. To ensure the flavor and quality of food, Forbes updates their list of garlic suppliers every year. And they have become one of Canada’s quality garlic wholesale buyers.

The Garlic Box

The Garlic Box is a local culinary brand in Canada. It imports high-quality fresh garlic to provide locals with unique flavored garlic food. When we still call it “flavor time,” it is know for its convenience, confidence, and inspiration. The Garlic Box creates a way to make cooking more convenient by providing ready-made, homemade peeled, and delicious garlic. It has also become one of the well-known local fresh garlic buyers in Canada.

CanadianFoodFocus is one of Canada’s largest garlic buyers, with a long history of more than 40 years. They mainly import fresh garlic and black garlic from Spain and China. And then they process them into various garlic products for sale. Due to its geographical advantages, CanadianFoodFocus cooperates with foreign garlic growers to harvest fresh garlic directly near its production area and ship it to the country.

With years of experience in garlic importing, CanadianFoodFocus has established a complete global garlic product distribution network during many years of operations and has therefore become one of Canada’s largest garlic buyers. Next, CanadianFoodFocus also plans to expand the import of garlic and increase the production line of garlic products.

Boundary Garlic Farm

Boundary is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and has now developed into one of the leading black garlic buyers in Canada. And boundary operates peeled garlic, minced garlic, chopped garlic, garlic scapes, and garlic bulbs. As one of the largest black garlic buyers in Canada, Boundary still provides garlic powder and black garlic as the main products and ginger, shallots, green onions, and chilies. It is certified that almost all garlic products imported and sold by Boundary are IQF, all-natural, non-GMO and organic products.

Brant County Garlic Company

Brant County Garlic Company was established in 2004, adopting the unique business model of the gourmet shop and garlic gift shop. It is the leader of garlic powder buyers and black garlic buyers in Canada. As one of the top buyers of black garlic, Brant County insists on using fresh imported garlic to provide customers with garlic products.

Brant County is not only one of the largest Garlic Buyers in Canada. Moreover, it wholesales a large amount of fresh garlic and garlic bulbs every year, producing a variety of peeled garlic, minced garlic, and chopped garlic. Today, it has become the largest garlic product supplier in Canada supermarkets, focusing on providing fresh flavors and ready-to-eat garlic.

John Boys Farms

Strong strength and years of experience make John Boys Farms becomes one of the largest garlic buyers in Canada. John Boys imports, packs and ships more than 85 million pounds of garlic products each year. Under normal circumstances, John Boys consumes 2 million fresh garlic every year to make garlic products, including garlic braids, fresh garlic, pickled garlic, garlic condiments, dehydrated garlic, garlic olive oil, etc.

In addition to its own production, John Boys also imports a large amount of fresh California peeled garlic, canned garlic, and other garlic products. Their garlic products have been proven to have the highest Brix and allicin content.

Rasa Creek Farm

Rasa Creek Farm imports garlic powder from the United States and is the largest black garlic buyer and peeled garlic buyer in Canada. It is also one of the oldest spice wholesale companies in Canada. Rasa Creek Farm has been improving and expanding the scope of the garlic business from the initial self-production and self-sale to today’s total dependence on imports.

As one of the well-known buyers of garlic powder in Canada, Rasa Creek Farm wholesales garlic bulbs and garlic seeds from various countries for planting. And insist on using high-quality raw garlic to provide customers with the highest-quality garlic-made spices, coffee, and tea. Their garlic products include garlic powder, minced garlic, black garlic, and pickled garlic.

Canada Garlic Importing Inc.

Garlic Importing has more than 30 years of garlic importing experience and is also a leading supplier of high-quality garlic seeds and native garlic online products. In addition to importing food made from natural garlic; Garlic Importing is committed to selling the best chemical-free garlic seeds and edible garlic products.

As a leader among peeled garlic buyers in Canada, Garlic Importing’s peeled garlic, garlic powder; and black garlic have passed natural growth certification, contain no chemical substances, and passed Cornell University’s organic test. Garlic Importing takes care to complete every link from import, packaging, transportation to garlic product processing to ensure quality.

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