Where to Buy Garlic Bulbs for Planting?


Are you looking for garlic bulbs for sale? With the growing price of vegetables, do you want garlic bulbs for planting for purchase? For beginners who want to start garlic bulbs for sale, how to choose garlic varieties and how to grow garlic is not an easy task. It will help if you research before buying garlic bulbs for planting. So, how can we start a profitable wholesale garlic bulb for planting business? Read along with me, and you may find the answer.

buy garlic bulbs for planting

Organic garlic bulbs for sale at the farmers market

If possible, please buy garlic seeds from organic growers and farmers’ markets. The farmers market is still a popular platform for buying garlic seeds. This attracted a large number of people eager to buy garlic seeds from local growers. Set up stalls in the farmers’ market, and then put garlic seeds for sale on display racks.

Online garlic seeds for sale store

If this is not possible, then look for information on organic garlic bulbs for sale from online stores and buy garlic seeds or bulbs that are suitable for your climate.

How much money can I make growing delicious garlic?

Growers can expect to harvest about one-half pound per square foot using a 6″ x 6″ spacing for garlic plants. At current prices, that’s a return of $10 per square foot. Purple garlic yields and prices are similar to regular garlic.

How much does it cost to start a garlic business?

Most growers already have the essential tools they need, and no expensive tools or equipment are required to grow, harvest, and sell garlic. Most of the start-up costs for a new grower purchase seed bulbs. Harvest yields will vary depending on the variety grown, but typically, one pound of garlic seed ($16 per pound) will produce 8 to 10 pounds of marketable bulbs at harvest. Of course, you can use your bulbs for a basis after the first harvest.

Types of Garlic Planting Bulbs For Sale

There are many varieties of garlic seeds for sale all over the world. They have different characteristics, but they can mainly be divided into hardneck garlic and softneck garlic.

Hardneck garlic bulbs for sale:

buy garlic bulbs for planting


The most common type of hardneck, the term “rocambole” is sometimes synonymous with hardneck. The parchment skin of rocamboles is much thinner than the skin of the softneck variety. These thin-skinned bulbs do not last long, but they peel off easily. You will see rocambole garlic has a unique curl and top flower s, giving them the nickname “snake” garlic. These upper reaches are called bulbous roots. Garlic can reproduce from bulbs, but you need to wait two years for the plant to develop.

buy garlic bulbs for planting

Purple Stripe

  • Marbled Purple Stripe
  • Glazed Purple Stripe

All purple striped garlic varieties have some peeling ability, but this is where the similarities lie. Some have a very mild taste, while others are very spicy. They even mature within a period.

buy garlic bulbs for planting


The bulbs are plump, with only a few cloves. The porcelain is covered with very thick skin, making it a good storage option. The taste of “Georgian Crystal” is slightly mild, while the “Romanian Red” has a strong aftertaste.

Soft neck garlic bulbs for sale:

buy garlic bulbs for planting


The most common commercial garlic. It has several rows of concentric cloves and is often difficult to peel. But it is produced and stored very well, and this is what you might buy in a grocery store. “Red Torch” is a famous variety of artichoke.

buy garlic bulbs for planting


On the other hand, softneck garlic usually does not emit flowers unless it grows in frigid climates or occasionally under abnormal conditions.

Tips to wholesale garlic bulbs for planting

Whether you should buy garlic bulbs or cloves depends on what you want. If you only plant a small piece of land, both methods are suitable. If you’re going to grow garlic in a large area, the pre-sorted cloves will be ideal for you. But buying garlic bulbs will be slightly cheaper.

1. Size

Quality is essential when buying garlic seeds. If you buy garlic seeds from a store, choose the largest garlic bulb you can find. The size of the cloves you plant will determine the size of the head at harvest. Buy garlic seeds that are plump, shrunken, and have tight, intact skin. Avoid buying garlic seeds that have wet or soft spots. The heavy and robust bulbs indicate that the garlic will be fresh and flavorful. If you feel the bulb is bright, the contents may have dried out to dust. Make sure to buy garlic seeds that are free of disease, traces, or soft spot samples.

2. Shape

Garlic cloves come in many different shapes, such as short and full or tall and square. However, this usually does not affect the final size or shape of the bulb at harvest.

3. Quantity

How much does it cost to buy garlic bulbs for planting? The first step is to figure out how many bulbs you want to harvest next season. Second, you must estimate the “cracking” to determine the number of you will buy garlic bulbs for planting this year. This will largely depend on the type of garlic you plan to grow.

For large clove garlic like porcelain varieties, each bulb can have 4 to 6 cloves. At most, there can be a moderately sized clove for garlic bulbs with medium and small cloves like the artichoke family. These are references: a pound of garlic seeds will produce 40 to 60 plants, depending on the variety. A good rule of thumb to remember is that one pound of seeds will have 8-10 pounds of garlic bulbs when harvested. Roughly calculate how many cloves to determine the number of you needs to buy garlic bulbs for planting.

How to grow garlic

Garlic does not require a lot of growing conditions, provided that it grows in well-drained soil. As long as you choose whole and healthy garlic, the probability of failure in growing garlic is usually minimal. So we can garlic bulbs for planting near me.

For large quantities of garlic, it is vital to start with good quality seeds.

You can buy/good pre-order quality garlic seeds at kinds of garlic. These garlic wholesaler garlic bulbs for sale are very high quality.

After buying garlic bulbs, follow the 4 step guide below.

1. Prepare good quality soil. Plant in a sunny spot. Good drainage is the key to growing garlic.

2. Break the bulbs into cloves, leaving the skin on.

Place the garlic bulbs 3 – 4 cm below the surface with the roots facing down (tips facing up) 15 cm apart.

3. Water the garlic during dry periods throughout the growing season, but stop watering entirely in the last few weeks.

4. Garlic will tell you when to harvest. Too early, and you’ll miss the final growth spurt too late, and your bulbs will rot in the ground. When the garlic drops and the leaves turn brown, it’s time to harvest.


From this point of view, buying garlic bulbs for planting is a good business that can make you profitable. Before buying garlic bulbs for planting, you need to understand the precautions for buying garlic seeds carefully. After reading the above introduction, do you have a complete understanding of how to benefit from buying garlic bulbs for planting?

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