Types of Garlic: Which is the best garlic?


Garlic is heaven to obese people. Its robust cholesterol trapping and maintenance keep everyone healthy. Not only is it suitable for health, but its taste is matchless. Moreover, it comes in different types and kinds of garlic, often unavailable in grocery stores.

What is the best type of garlic, then?? We will explore this question in this article and list all the different kinds of garlic. Let’s see what is coming next with nutritious food!

Types of Garlic


Garlic has many types, such as hardneck, soft neck, elephant, and many others, depending on the area. The growth of each type is different from the other. So, choosing the right type can sometimes be life and death.

Let’s go through the major and minor types of garlic.


الثوم الصلب


Hard word is enough to describe its nature. With a stiff stem, it can grow better and battle environmental stresses. Hardneck Garlic is often grown in cold environments such as the winter season. 

It has larger heads with longer cloves and excellent support in the soil. Compared to soft neck garlic, they offer a delicious aroma, keeping the mouth watered. One thing is a con— it’s the short life span of 5-8 months!

Softneck Garlic

Softneck Garlic

Softneck garlic often grows in the warmer environment when heat is booming. But their soft stem and compelling aroma keep them on shopkeepers’ shelves.

The good thing is the long life span. Grocery stores can keep them in their storage boxes for 6-12 months without affecting the quality. 

ثوم الفيل


It is NOT TRUE, GARLIC. Elephant garlic has some taste related to garlic but not the plant type. Most people categorize it into the garlic category because of its good taste and excellent aroma. Compared to regular garlic, it has a large head and high strength.


Types of Hardneck Garlic 


Hardneck Garlic gives a robust flavor to the food. Its fantastic aroma is a blessing to the foodies.

Here are a few types of Hardneck Garlic!


Chesnok Red Garlic


It is one of the most famous garlic types being used globally. The reason behind its immense success is its flawless flavor. The aroma waters the human tongue. Chesnok Red has won many awards as a top choice for baking food. The quick heat dissipation phenomenon lets in the best taste.

Georgian Crystal and Georgian Fire Garlic

Georgian Crystal and Georgian Fire Garlic

Georgian Fire offers one of the best tastes with crushed garlic. The buttery flavor, when baked, provides nothing but a delicious taste to your food. Whether you are cooking meat or preparing vegetables, it is equally flavorful for all types of food. Ensure you are effectively baking and using this garlic to let heaven enter your cooked food.

Don’t restrict it to baked and cooked food. It is a delight for uncooked salsa, dips, and pasta! Try this taste for all types of your food, whether baked or unbaked!

Spanish Roja Garlic


Spanish Roja is also a renowned name in the garlic market. Extra sweet flavor and hotness make it garlic in all aspects. When combined with different vegetables, it stands out as a remarkable garlic type. 

The most significant part? It is the immune booster compound— Allicin! It contains this compound, leading to high health power and attraction of the users.

موسيقى الثوم


Music has the shape of elephant garlic, confusing people and mistaking it as elephant garlic. But it is also pure garlic with large cloves and a head comparable to elephant garlic. If you are trying chicken or fish, it stands out as the best garlic type!


When used with roasted and baked food, it gives a sense of confidence. The balanced flavor is a sign of music garlic!

German Extra Hardy Garlic


German extra Hardy is a bit hardy when it comes to taste. The spicy flavor makes it an unworthy choice. But don’t worry; it is not too strong. When tried with different foods, it gives a pleasing aroma.

The good thing is that it is super easy to peel. Chefs can save time when peeling and adding it to the food. Quick tip— go for baked food seasoning with this garlic type because it bestows the best flavor.

Philips Garlic


Philips has won the ground due to many of its features in the food industry. The excellent taste nurtures the best seasoning of the food. If you want a profound garlic taste, look no further, as Philips is here.

The long shelf life makes it an ideal option for grocery stores. Chefs save time because of fast peeling and simple usage of the food.

Bogatyr Garlic

الثوم الصيني

Whenever you see the purple hue, guess it is the Bogatyr. Large cloves make it distinct. It grows better in well-drained soil and flourishes in the cold season. The intense and hot spicy flavor keeps it among the toppers in the types of garlic.

Bogatyr offers a good storage of 6-8 months for the food sellers!

Metechi Garlic


Metechi is from the same category as the Bogatyr— marbled purple stripe. The purple hue is also distinctive for this type of garlic. The cream of the crop is its versatility in growth. It grows better in various environments and becomes available the whole year, even without much investment in the storage setups.

Are you looking for a bold flavor? Metechi comes out as the best choice for a pronounced and bold taste. The strong taste marks its presence in various food cooking and gives multiple options to the chefs and restaurants.

Persian star Garlic


Purple striped bulbs place it in the same category as marbled purple stripe garlic. It is famous for its fast growth and resilience to the environment. The star shape of the cloves recalls the Persian Star. Consider it a true garlic because of the circle around the robust Woody stem.

It has a mild taste compared to relevant competitors in the same category. But the excellent taste prefers it in a variety of food cooking.

Purple Glazer Garlic


Whether cooking food or eating raw, purple glazer is an all-time favorite choice— no debate! It is hot and has a moderate flavor. Visually appealing bulbs look effective for the taste.

To enhance its growth, go for the well-drained soil and cold environment. The longer shelf life makes it an ideal choice for grocery stores. When you don’t know which garlic to add to your taste, go for this one!

Russian Doukhobor Garlic

مصنع الثوم_من_الصين_ج

Russian Doukhobor is from the Rocambole group, featuring a rich flavor in the category. The good taste and excellent look increase the appetite of the foodies. It is easy to peel and saves time when cooking food.

It is a favorable choice for tons of dishes. The versatility of the taste keeps confidence high in cooked food. One thing you might not like— is the lower shelf life. You can store it for up to 5 months, compared to other options, which are a better choice.


Types of the Softneck Garlic 


Softneck garlic has many types. But we have listed two primary types. Here are these two:


Artichoke Garlic 


Artichoke garlic is popularly grown in the warm and mild-warm weather. Belonging to the soft neck category, it has many cloves on each bulb. It has a spicy taste and more extended storage options. The good thing is its versatility in cooking food.

Silverskin Garlic


Smooth white silvery skin is the trademark of the silverskin garlic. It grows in warm to cold environments and provides a powerful growth pattern. The fast growth keeps it among the top choices in the soft skin garlic.


The spicy flavor is suitable for enhanced garlic tastes. With safe storage, you can extend its life to more than a year!


Which is the best garlic to grow?

There is no straightforward answer to your question. It depends on the season and current weather. Here are a few points to consider when growing garlic.


  • Environment. Cold weather is suitable for almost all types of Hardneck Garlic. Warm weather, such as summer, is ideal for rooting for soft-neck garlic. The Persian star grows well in the mild intensity of the weather.
  • Soil type. Well-drained soil boosts many of the varieties of stiff-neck garlic. For example, Bogatyr, Metechi, and Russian Doukhobor grow better in well-drained soil.
  • Flavor type. Strong flavor nurtures the stiff neck variety. If you need mild flavors, go for the softneck options.
  • Storage life. Some stiff-neck varieties offer a long storage life. A typical example is Philips. Others might offer a low life, such as the Persian star.


Look for all the necessary points to include the favorable types in your growth plan!




Growing garlic is a fun job. You get a flavorful journey with appealing tastes. Sometimes, you don’t have enough land to grow quality garlic. Even the cost-effectiveness brings you to the garlic suppliers.

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