How Much Does Garlic Weigh

Garlic is a staple ingredient in kitchens worldwide. Known for its robust flavor, it is a crucial element of many recipes. But have you ever wondered how much does garlic weigh? Knowing the amount of garlic you should use in a recipe can be challenging without knowing the weight.


Interestingly, different sizes and types of garlic are available. Each of those varies in terms of their weights and characteristics. However, by knowing the average weight of garlic, you can be better positioned to decide the dosage quantity. Let’s go into more detail and learn about garlic weight.

Garlic Anatomy and Types

Without understanding the anatomy, you won’t understand the weight. Understanding the different types of garlic is also paramount. The reason is that each type has a different weight. All these types also differ from each other in terms of flavor, robustness, and weight. Here is the list of those garlic variations:


  • Softneck garlic: As the name suggests, this type of garlic is soft and flexible. It contains more cloves than other types. Each of the Softneck bulbs includes 18 to 20 cloves on average. Its stems are also soft. Above all, it is known for its ability to be stored for an extended duration. This is due to its tight wrapping or layers of cloves.  
  • Hardneck garlic: This type is stiff and rigid in its body. It also consists of a lesser number of cloves than softneck garlic. So, you might be thinking this type is not suitable for farmers. This is not correct, as the cloves of this garlic are bigger. So, although the bulb of hardneck garlic contains fewer cloves, their bigger size makes them heavier.
  • Elephant garlic: This type of garlic is much larger in size and weight than the other two types. Elephant garlic cloves are usually 4-5 times bigger than Softneck or hardneck garlic. Each bulb generally consists of 4 to 6 cloves. Moreover, its flavor is also milder compared to the other two types.


Quick Note: I want you to understand these types going forward. They all have different weights, which we will discuss in the upcoming section. So, when I mention their names in the next section, you will understand them.

Anatomy of Garlic


From the weight percentage, the garlic is divided into three main parts. These components are responsible for most of the weight of the garlic. Here is the list of those parts:


  • Skin
  • Bulb
  • Clove


The bulb, also known as the head of garlic, consists of small cloves that can vary in size. A sheet or layer protects both garlic cloves and bulbs. This sheet or layer is known as skin. It is usually papery. Almost all types have these three parts in common.

Average Weight of Garlic


An average size of garlic weighs around 40 to 80 grams. However, the garlic weight varies with the size and type. Softneck garlic is considered lightweight, and elephant-type garlic is the heaviest among all types. This estimation consists of the weight of both cloves and head weights.


In the above section, I mentioned the type of garlic. Each of those types had different sizes. Due to varying sizes, the weight of those types also varies. Here is the table showing their weight comparison in grams and ounces:


Garlic Type Average Weight (ounces)
Softneck Garlic 40-60g (1.4-2.1)
الثوم الصلب 50-70g (1.8-2.5)
ثوم الفيل 100-200g (3.5-7)


The weight of garlic depends on the weight of cloves and bulbs. Keep in mind that garlic bulbs are heavier as compared to cloves. Let’s go into more detail and discuss the weight of both bulbs and cloves of garlic.


Disclaimer: Garlic weight is not fixed. It can vary depending on many elements such as size, type, etc. The weight estimation that I am mentioning is based on average. If you have garlic that is too big or too small, its weight will be either greater or lower than my given weight. 

Weight of Bulb of Garlic


The bulb is also known as the head of garlic. It weighs around 40 to 70 grams, depending on the size. The smaller softneck garlic has a head weight of around 35 to 40 grams. Similarly, the head or bulb of hardneck garlic weighs more than 60 grams due to the bigger size of this type of garlic.

Weight of Clove of Garlic


The clove is a single wedge-shaped piece. Many cloves combine to make a head or bulb of garlic. It is lightweight as compared to a bulb as it is a small component of the bulb. An average garlic clove weighs around 5 to 15 grams.


The softneck garlic usually has smaller and lightweight cloves. On the other hand, the hardneck and elephant garlic consist of bigger-sized and heavier cloves. The weight of both clove and bulbs contributes to the overall weight of the garlic.

Factors Affecting Garlic Weight


Have you ever heard from farmers that their garlic is lightweight and less profitable? It is a reality that not all garlic has the same weight. Different factors contribute to or influence garlic weight. 


The quality of the soil where garlic is grown is the top factor. It controls how big, strong, and heavy garlic will grow. The provision of water and nutrients is also essential. The garlic with better water and nutrients grows bigger and better. 


The variety of garlic also matters when it comes to size and weight. Different varieties of seeds are available. Some of those produce garlic with a natural bigger size. However, such seeds produce garlic in lesser quantities. In contrast, some seeds produce smaller sizes of garlic in more quantities.

How Many Tablespoons of Garlic in a Clove?

As I said earlier, the size of cloves differs in different types of garlic. The medium-sized clove of garlic offers ½ tablespoon of the garlic. The smaller cloves of softneck garlic can yield even lower quantities. No matter how big a clove is, it won’t yield more than one tablespoon. 


Here is the table showing the garlic yield of different types in tablespoons:


Garlic Type Average Weight (ounces)
Softneck Garlic About 1/3 tablespoon
الثوم الصلب About 1/2 tablespoon
ثوم الفيل About 1 tablespoon

How Many Tablespoons is a Head of garlic?

How Many Tablespoons is a Head of garlic

As we know, one clove of garlic offers ½ tablespoons of minced garlic. Knowing this, we can calculate how many tablespoons we will get in our heads. Generally, a garlic head comes with 10 to 20 cloves, depending on its type. 


The softneck garlic comes with 18 to 20 cloves. Similarly, the hardneck garlic comes with 15 cloves. Let’s assume we have a garlic head with 16 cloves. Each of those cloves will yield ½ tablespoon. By doing simple calculations, we get the following result:


½ tablespoon x 16 cloves = 8 tablespoons


We will get eight full tablespoons of minced garlic after mincing all those 16 cloves. Similarly, if you have a garlic head with fewer or more cloves, use this calculation to determine the number of tablespoons in your head. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How many ounces is a clove of garlic?

On average, a single clove of garlic weighs about 0.11 to 0.18 ounces (3 to 5 grams). However, this quantity can vary depending on the size of the cloves and the type of garlic.


How many cloves are in a bulb of garlic?

A single garlic bulb typically contains 10 to 20 cloves. Softneck garlic has 18 to 20 cloves, and hardneck has 14 to 15. Elephant garlic has 5 to 10 cloves, which are bigger in size and shape.


How much-minced garlic is equivalent to one clove?

Approximately one 1/2 tablespoon of minced garlic is equivalent to one medium-sized clove.


How many ounces is a head of garlic?

A head of garlic is another term for a bulb of garlic. It generally weighs 50 to 90 grams or around 3 ounces, depending on the type of garlic.


Garlic, a culinary treasure, has been used by humankind for centuries. It has been an integral component of many recipes. Understanding the weight of garlic is crucial as it helps ensure the correct amount is used in cooking. This knowledge will help you, whether you’re a chef or a gardener. You’ll learn the weight of garlic components such as cloves and bulbs.