5 benefici del consumo di aglio per la pelle

In our current life, garlic is a relatively common food. Not only has the effect of disinfecting and killing viruses, but it is also perfect for our skin.
Do you know garlic benefits for skin and hair?

Five benefits of eating garlic for skin

Let’s see what are the five benefits of eating garlic for skin?
1. Garlic can detoxify and nourish the skin
Because garlic contains allicin, this substance can reduce the concentration of lead in the body, can reduce toxins in the body.
2. Garlic can whiten skin
Garlic can whiten skin and delay aging because it is rich in vitamin C and carotene, inhibiting melanin precipitation.
3. Garlic can hydrate and moisturize
Garlic contains the substances needed to replenish the kidneys, thereby improving the lack of water in the body, dry and rough skin caused by insufficient kidney qi, and plays a role in maintaining the skin, replenishing moisture, and moisturizing the skin.
4. Garlic can have the effect of freckle
Rubbing your face with garlic can have the effect of dispelling freckles because garlic contains antibiotics, which are natural substances.
5. Garlic can remove skin bumps from mosquito bites
If you are bitten by mosquitoes outdoors, cut the garlic, wipe the skin to relieve itching, and remove pimples.
In a word, we usually have to eat more garlic, which is of great benefit to our skin.

Six steps tell you to make a garlic mask to make your skin better

In addition, we can also make a garlic mask, which also has a good effect on the acne on the face.
The following is the specific method:
Step1: Take two heads of garlic, peel the garlic, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes on medium and low heat (to deodorize).
Step2: Put it into the juicer, add 100ml of water, mash it and filter it with a filter cloth.
Step3: Soak the mask paper in garlic juice and soak it.
Step4: Take out a small bowl and add some mung bean flour to garlic water.
Step5: Spread the mixed mung bean paste evenly on the mask paper, and then apply it to the face.
Step6: About 10-15 minutes, you can wash your face with water.
Therefore, we can usually make garlic masks at home because the effects of garlic on skin are huge. At the same time, We need to know that the side effects of garlic on skin have no scientific basis. So enjoy the fun of doing it yourself!