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Garlic Market Express
Last Update: Mar 17 2020
The stock market in Jinxiang market is running hard this morning, and the supply of supplies has basically remained normal. Good sellers are more likely to wait and see. Most of the goods sold in the market are small and medium tonnage sources. Storage vendors continue to increase the asking price and buyers get goods. The enthusiasm is acceptable, and the follow-up to suitable sources is actively pursued. The price center of gravity continues to move upwards. Generally, the mixed grade price is 3.20-3.30 yuan / jin, and the large mixed grade price is 3.65-3.85 yuan / jin.
Current price of local market:


Purchase Price(CNY)

4.5cm – 5.0 cm


5.0cm – 5.5 cm


5.5cm – 6.0 cm


6.0cm – 6.5 cm


6.5cm and up

Mixed Sizes Grade A

Mixed Sizes Grade B

Mixed Sizes Grade C