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Garlic Market Express
Last Update: Sep 11 2019
In the morning, there are more than 50 vehicles in the Jinxiang market. The merchants have strict control over the quality of the goods. The garlic and the good quality goods are relatively good. The buyers are motivated to get the goods. The sellers sell goods or insist on the reserve price. The overall trading atmosphere Unpleasant, price fluctuations are not large, generally mixed 2.60-2.75 yuan / kg; medium mixed level 2.70-2.80 yuan / kg; large mixed level 2.80-2.90 yuan / kg; small six 3.30-3.55 yuan / kg. In addition, there are certain transactions in the old garlic and grade garlic in the library, sporadic transactions, the price is basically stable, the reference price of the garlic in the library: 4.5 grade garlic 3.20-3.30 yuan / kg; 5.0 grade garlic 3.30-3.50 yuan / kg; 5.5 grade garlic 3.55 -3.65 yuan / kg; 6.0 grade garlic 3.80 - 4.00 yuan / kg.
Current price of local market:


Purchase Price(CNY)

4.5cm – 5.0 cm


5.0cm – 5.5 cm


5.5cm – 6.0 cm


6.0cm – 6.5 cm


6.5cm and up

Mixed Sizes Grade A

Mixed Sizes Grade B

Mixed Sizes Grade C