How Can You Buy Garlic Bulbs for Planting?

buy garlic bulbs for planting

Are you looking for garlic seeds for sale in bulk and want to get a good income through wholesale garlic bulbs for planting? Are you a large exporter who wholesale garlic bulbs for planting or a small business that buys garlic bulbs for planting? For beginners who want to start wholesale garlic bulbs for planting, how to choose garlic varieties and how to grow garlic is not an easy task. Before buying garlic bulbs for planting, you need to do some research. So, how can we start profitable wholesale garlic bulbs for planting business? Read with me, and you may find the answer.

What are the varieties of garlic seeds for sale?

There are many varieties of garlic seeds for sale all over the world. They have different characteristics, but they can mainly be divided into hardneck garlic and softneck garlic.

Hardneck Garlic Families:


buy garlic bulbs for planting

The most common type of hardneck, the term “rocambole” is sometimes synonymous with hardneck. The parchment skin of rocamboles is much thinner than the skin of the softneck variety. These thin-skinned bulbs do not last long, but they peel off easily. You will see rocambole garlic has a unique curl and top flower s, giving them the nickname “snake” garlic. These upper reaches are called bulbous roots. Garlic can reproduce from bulbs, but you need to wait two years for the plant to develop.

Purple Stripe

buy garlic bulbs for planting
  • Marbled Purple Stripe
  • Glazed Purple Stripe

All purple striped garlic varieties have some peeling ability, but this is where the similarities lie. Some have a very mild taste, while others are very spicy. They even mature within a period.


buy garlic bulbs for planting

The bulbs are plump, with only a few cloves. The porcelain is covered with very thick skin, making it a good storage option. The taste of “Georgian Crystal” is slightly mild, while the “Romanian Red” has a strong aftertaste.

Softneck Garlic Families:


buy garlic bulbs for planting

The most common commercial garlic. It has several rows of concentric cloves and is often difficult to peel. But it is produced and stored very well, and this is what you might buy in a grocery store. “Red Torch” is a famous variety of artichoke.


buy garlic bulbs for planting

On the other hand, softneck garlic usually does not emit flowers unless it grows in frigid climates or occasionally under abnormal conditions.

Guide to buying garlic seeds

Whether you should buy garlic bulbs or cloves depends on what you want. If you only plant a small piece of land, both methods are suitable. If you’re going to grow garlic in a large area, the pre-sorted cloves will be ideal for you. But buying garlic bulbs will be slightly cheaper.

1. Size

Quality is essential when buying garlic seeds. If you buy garlic seeds from a store, choose the largest garlic bulb you can find. The size of the cloves you plant will determine the size of the head at harvest. Buy garlic seeds that are plump, shrunken, and have tight, intact skin. Avoid buying garlic seeds that have wet or soft spots. The heavy and robust bulbs indicate that the garlic will be fresh and flavorful. If you feel the bulb is bright, the contents may have dried out to dust. Make sure to buy garlic seeds that are free of disease, traces, or soft spot samples.

2. Shape

Garlic cloves come in many different shapes, such as short and full or tall and square. However, this usually does not affect the final size or shape of the bulb at harvest.

3. Quantity

How much does it cost to buy garlic bulbs for planting? The first step is to figure out how many bulbs you want to harvest next season. Second, you must estimate the “cracking” to determine the number of you will buy garlic bulbs for planting this year. This will largely depend on the type of garlic you plan to grow.

For large clove garlic like porcelain varieties, each bulb can have 4 to 6 cloves. At most, there can be a moderately sized clove for garlic bulbs with medium and small cloves like the artichoke family. These are references: a pound of garlic seeds will produce 40 to 60 plants, depending on the variety. A good rule of thumb to remember is that one pound of seeds will have 8-10 pounds of garlic bulbs when harvested. Roughly calculate how many cloves to determine the number of you needs to buy garlic bulbs for planting.

Where to buy garlic bulbs for planting

Organic garlic bulbs for sale at the farmers market

buy garlic bulbs for planting

If possible, please buy garlic seeds from organic growers and farmers’ markets. The farmers market is still a popular platform for buying garlic seeds. This attracted a large number of people eager to buy garlic seeds from local growers. Set up stalls in the farmers’ market, and then put garlic seeds for sale on display racks.

Online garlic seeds for sale store

If this is not possible, then look for information on organic garlic bulbs for sale from online stores and buy garlic seeds or bulbs that are suitable for your climate.

How to grow garlic bulbs

When to grow garlic bulbs?

The best sowing time is autumn in the southern hemisphere or spring in the northern hemisphere for obtaining higher yields and larger cloves. But don’t be disappointed! You can grow garlic bulbs at any time of the year, but the bulb size may be smaller. Once the soil temperature drops to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the roots of the garlic cloves will begin to germinate and begin to anchor the plants. In Australia, the seeds are usually planted in March/April.

Before planting, if necessary, lime the soil. The fertilizer is a few inches below where the garlic will be placed. The roots of the cloves are down, 2 inches deep, 2 inches apart, and the rows are about 1 foot apart. You can also try to grow garlic bulbs on a mound 15 cm high and 20 cm wide at the bottom. Plant garlic cloves in these mounds, 15-20 cm apart and 7-10 cm deep. Since the soil is slightly elevated, it will not get wet, so the possibility of garlic rot is less.

The growing conditions of garlic bulbs

  • Well-drained soil
  • Soil pH is 6.0 to 7.0
  • Least weed competition
  • Large amounts of organic matter
  • One inch of water is needed during the bulb formation process from mid-May to July

Which soil is best for garlic bulbs?

Since garlic is a root crop, it needs fertile, loose soil and good drainage. Silty loam is one of the best soils for growing garlic bulbs. Garlic will rot in moist soil and will not grow well. If the soil is heavy, it is best to plant garlic in spring. This type of soil tends to hold a lot of moisture, especially in winter, which can cause garlic cloves to rot. Then, you can plant them in the spring when the soil is slightly dry.

Care of garlic growing process

After planting, lay down the protective straw and use chopped leaves or grass clippings as a mulch. In cold winters, the thickness of the covering should be about 4 inches. The mulch will alternate freezing and thawing to prevent the garlic roots from being poured out of the ground. In mild climates, light mulch can be used to control the growth of weeds in winter. At the end of spring, some varieties of garlic produce flower stem with small bulbs. Cut off these stems. This will ensure that all the food produced by the plant will enter the garlic bulb itself rather than the bulb cluster. Insects rarely destroy garlic, but it needs to be weeded. Add another fertilizer to garlic in early spring and mid-May. As the spring weather becomes dry, water the garlic bulbs to a depth of two feet every eight to ten days. As mid-June approaches, gradually reduce watering.

How to grow garlic at home

Where to grow garlic

Choose a place with plenty of suns, fertile soil, and good drainage. Garlic bulbs should be planted where it has not been used recently for garlic or other plants in the onion family. Do not plant garlic bulbs in areas where water may accumulate around the roots, causing them to rot or become diseased. Please make sure that the site is not treated with any long-acting herbicides. The herbicide will hinder or kill any garlic or vegetables you are trying to grow in the area.

Preparation before planting

  1. Remove weeds and dig the soil. Add organic matter such as compost, peat moss, hay, fertilizer, or any untreated plant residue.
  2. Plow or dig the soil to make it loose and “fluffy.” Root crops grow best in light, non-compacted soils. Garlic cannot grow in concrete.
  3. If it is sandy or clay, please add organic matter. Do not add sand to the clay; otherwise, it will form cement. Organic matter will hold the moisture in the sand and destroy the clay.

Planting method

Divide the garlic bulbs into individual cloves before planting. When separating the cloves, be careful not to damage the cloves. Here is a little tip to prevent rotting in the soil: soak the cloves in a glass jar containing an equal amount of baking soda and organic liquid seaweed for 2 hours. Growing garlic is relatively simple. Clove should be planted with the pointed end facing up and the blunt end facing down. Separate the cloves by 4-6 inches and plant them at a depth twice as deep as they are. The rows should be spaced one foot apart. Push each clove 1-2 inches into the ground, fix the surrounding soil, and water the bed if it is dry.


From this point of view, buying garlic bulbs for planting is a good business that can make you profitable. Before buying garlic bulbs for planting, you need to understand the precautions for buying garlic seeds carefully. After reading the above introduction, do you have a complete understanding of how to benefit from buying garlic bulbs for planting?

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