Changes in Garlic Wholesale Price in Chennai

India is the largest garlic producer outside of China. According to statistics, China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and other countries account for more than 90% of the world’s garlic planting area. Although the main producing area of Indian garlic is north of 18 degrees north latitude, their primary garlic wholesale market in Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu. Garlic wholesale price in Chennai affects the entire poondu wholesale market in Tamilnadu.

Garlic Wholesale Price in Chennai

Garlic wholesale price in Chennai is rising

The main export season of Indian garlic is from March to September each year. In the past month or so, the garlic wholesale market in Chennai has changed very quickly. Therefore, the increase in garlic wholesale price in Chennai immediately affected the garlic wholesale price in Tamilnadu. Malaysia, Bangladesh, and the Far East have been the primary markets for Indian garlic exports. However, due to competition with China, India’s garlic export prices have exceeded the international level. So these countries slowed down garlic wholesale in Chennai.

The exporter of Mandsaur Sourabh Badjatya said: “The garlic wholesale price in Chennai has been rising due to the decline in production. Now poondu wholesale market in Tamilnadu is 152.50 rupees per kilo, and garlic’s price has more than doubled. In Bangalore and Chennai, garlic prices have increased. They rose by 43% and 54% respectively to 92.50 rupees and 170 rupees per kilogram. Changes in garlic wholesale in Chennai may affect export inquiries.” According to the garlic exporter, most garlic on garlic wholesale market in Tamilnadu Varieties. The price ranges from $300 to $900 per ton. Among them, high-quality garlic rose from $700 to $900 per ton. In other words, garlic wholesale price in Tamilnadu has exceeded the level of a year ago. The current minimum size garlic wholesale price in Chennai is $300 per ton, compared to $110 per ton in the same period last year.

Garlic production is reducing in Chennai

Malwa-Nimar is the main region for garlic and dehydrated products in India. They produce garlic products for use in other states and overseas destinations. Because garlic is mainly stored in an open environment, the continuous high temperature in the Chennai area evaporates the garlic’s water. We all know that quality is an essential thing in exports. Therefore, any decline in quality will affect the export of Chennai garlic. And the reduction in output will naturally lead to an increase in garlic wholesale price in Chennai.
“This season, only the very few low-yield garlic left for sale last year. Due to the non-seasonal rains in Chennai in the past few weeks, the supply of garlic has decreased. The garlic wholesale market in Chennai has also undergone major changes. However, farmers are preparing to plant before the following winter, so garlic wholesale market in Chennai is still in great demand. In addition, it will take at least three months for the arrival of new crops.”
As high prices in the global market have restricted import opportunities, garlic wholesale prices in Chennai have also risen sharply in the past month.
Garlic Wholesale Price in Chennai
Garlic Wholesale Price in Chennai

Garlic wholesale market in tamilnadu

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