Are You Aware of the Garlic Market Price in Kenya?

Garlic marketing still has great potential. We can see that wholesale garlic prices around the world are also volatile. At present, global wholesale garlic suppliers have to participate in this process. Kenya is one of the highlighted countries among them. So here, I’ve given you essential facts about the garlic market price in Kenya. Before getting an idea about the garlic market price in Kenya, let’s look at some crucial facts about garlic market in kenya.

Early purple wight garlic

History of garlic in Kenya

According to the records of Sanskrit, the benefits of garlic remedies were nearly 5000 years ago. Legend decides that Egyptian pharaohs had to use garlic as a gift, and slaves building the pyramids were given a regular ration to maintain them comfortable and strong.

Over history, garlic has been considered a mostly trusted remedy, more significantly within epidemics like cholera and tuberculosis. From the old era, people have been using it as an antiseptic to clean and heal wounds. Apart from that, it has been used to treat dysentery occurred by the low sanitary conditions in the trenches.

Are there any problems with storing garlic in Kenya?

When we consider the Garlic market price in Kenya, we should be aware of the storage methods and safety. Is it safe to collect garlic in Garlic markets in Kenya or any country?

According to the researches, safety problems and allergies are not that common regarding garlic. So it’s safe to keep garlic at the market. The significant daily amount of garlic changes from half to one whole clove for a day.

But uncommonly, some people will have to face indigestion, gas in the intestine, and diarrhea when taking a high amount of garlic.

Select garlic to understand the market price of garlic in Kenya

To get the maximum health benefits, the most important thing is buying fresh garlic. Make sure not to buy very soft garlic that indicates evidence of decay. Powder garlic, flake, or paste form is related, but it is not as beneficial as new garlic.

Make sure to store garlic after buying them. The place should have at the level of room temperature.  It should be away from exposure to sunlight and heat. Storing like this will be essential to prevent sprouting. According to its variety and type, a garlic bulb can keep for two weeks to two months.

Garlic market price in Kenya

The wholesale garlic prices in Kenya have increased. In other words, the cost of garlic per kg has increased. In 2017, garlic price per kg was going for US$1.42. And in 2018, the garlic price per kg was $1.49. But in 2019, the organic garlic price per pound reached $2.68, by 80.139%.

Now let’s consider the considerably performing markets garlic price per kg in Kenya in 2019.  All those have been exported to Somalia, Belarus, the Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK), and Angola. Mainly there are three types of garlic in Kenya as Garlic, fresh or chilled.

california softneck garlic

The exporting values for the wholesale garlic market in Kenya

The sum amount of exporting garlic in Kenya was US$ 100 in 2016, US$ 210 in 2017,  US$ 210 in 2018, and US$ 109 in 2019 years. If we consider the cost of garlic per kg in Kenya for the years 2016 was US$ 2,702.70, in  2017 was US$ 1,418.92, in 2018 was US$ 1,489.36 and in 2019 was US$ 2,658.54.

Garlic marketing in Kenya as values of exporting

It is estimated whole exports for garlic in Kenya were US$ 100 in 2016, US$ 210 in 2017, US$ 210 in 2018, and US$ 109 in 2019 in US dollars thousand.
Garlic market price in Kenya as wholesale garlic price. In 2021, the total price difference for Kenya Garlic is between US$ 2.66 and US$ 1.49 per kilogram or between US$ 1.21 and US$ 0.68 per pound(lb). The cost in Kenyan Shilling is KES 289.6 per kg. The average price for a tonne is US$ 2658.54 in Mombasa and Nairobi. The import cost of garlic in Kenya was US$0.59 per kg in 2019.

Hardneck garlic varieties

Uses of wholesale garlic market in Kenya

Knowing the garlic market in Kenya, do you know the wholesale garlic price per kg? Let’s take a look at the usefulness of garlic provided by wholesale garlic suppliers.

There are some important vitamins and minerals which have medicinal values in garlic.

Garlic is an amazing supplement that contains vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Apart from that, there are elements like manganese, selenium, and vitamin C. Also, garlic is a good supplement of other minerals such as P, Ca, K, iron, and Co. The active ingredient of garlic is allicin. People get a lot of benefits because of this.

Low calories plus more nutritions

If we get a 100g of garlic, it has
· 98 calories
· 7.9g protein
· 0.6g fat
· 16.3g carbohydrates
· 5.5g fiber

It will decrease the heart attack risk

New research has focused on garlic’s treatments to lower heart disease risks and cholesterol levels. Different researchers have introduced that garlic makes platelets that need blood clotting. They are so acting as an anticoagulant and decreasing the causes of heart attacks.

It has the anti-cancer ability

The sulfurous compounds in garlic have also been studied for their ability to stop the activity of cancerous cells and block tumors by lowering DNA replication and developing endoplasmic reticulum stress. The skill of these compounds to depress tumor cell modification is still being researched massively.

Lowers blood pressure

Garlic may decrease the blood pressure slowly, significantly through its skill to broaden the blood vessels.

Garlic can act against the microorganisms

Since the previous era, garlic has been used to prevent bacteria, viruses, and fungi. People called it ‘Russian penicillin’ because of its antibacterial abilities attributed to the compound allicin. Some conditions like warts and insect bites might reply to garlic oil or a crushed raw garlic clove.

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