Market Express
Garlic Market Express
Last Update: Jun 04 2020
The market in Jinxiang market is running hard in the morning. There are 70 or 80 vehicles in the market. The off-site supply has increased compared with the previous period. The sellers have more price increases. The enthusiasm for goods has slightly increased, and some merchants in the market have relatively favored the space dry guys with better dryness. The overall purchase and sales atmosphere has increased, and the price has increased by two or three points. -1.63 yuan/jin, the general mixed price is 1.22-1.33 yuan/jin.
Current price of local market:


Purchase Price(CNY)

4.5cm – 5.0 cm

5.0cm – 5.5 cm

5.5cm – 6.0 cm

6.0cm – 6.5 cm

6.5cm and up

Mixed Sizes Grade A


Mixed Sizes Grade B


Mixed Sizes Grade C