Market Express
Garlic Market Express
Last Update: Sep 19 2019
There are more than 30 cars in the Jinxiang market this morning. The buyers are not very active in picking goods. The quality of the goods is more picky. The sellers are asking for price, the market trading atmosphere is not high, the goods are not fast, the price of garlic is slightly lower, and the general mix is 2.40- 2.50 yuan / kg; medium mixed grade 2.50-2.60 yuan / kg; large mixed grade 2.60-2.70 yuan / kg; garlic rice 2.30-2.40 yuan / kg. There are plenty of goods available for sale in the library. Some of the stocks are more active. Buyers have the intention to sell the price. They prefer the low-priced goods. The transaction price is not clear. The 4.5 grade garlic is 2.88-3.00 yuan/kg; the 5.0 grade garlic is 2.98-3.10. Yuan / kg; 5.5 grade garlic 3.18-3.30 yuan / kg; 6.0 grade garlic 3.58-3.80 yuan / kg.
Current price of local market:


Purchase Price(CNY)

4.5cm – 5.0 cm


5.0cm – 5.5 cm


5.5cm – 6.0 cm


6.0cm – 6.5 cm


6.5cm and up

Mixed Sizes Grade A

Mixed Sizes Grade B

Mixed Sizes Grade C