Market Express
Garlic Market Express
Last Update: Jan 26 2019
Today, the garlic market in the library continued yesterday's market conditions. In the morning, there were still few people coming from the Jinxiang market. The peak period was around 100 people. The supply of goods for sale was slightly reduced. The large-tonnage supply of the whole warehouse was not easy to find. The buyer’s enthusiasm for purchasing goods was generally Domestically, the merchants just need to pick and pick up the goods, the speed of the goods is flat, and the price has not changed significantly.
Current price of local market:


Purchase Price(CNY)

4.5cm – 5.0 cm


5.0cm – 5.5 cm


5.5cm – 6.0 cm


6.0cm – 6.5 cm


6.5cm and up

Mixed Sizes Grade A

Mixed Sizes Grade B

Mixed Sizes Grade C