Market Express
Garlic Market Express
Last Update: Oct 13 2017
Jinxiang garlic market is still weak, the morning brokers market has about 200 people, looking for goods asking price is not much, buyers pick up wait and see lower prices, take the goods as a whole unhappy. The overall supply is still high, mainly to the local storage of merchandise, the seller shipped accompanied by take the goods temporarily
Current price of local market:

Pure White Garlic:

4.5 garlic:  ¥ 5.2/kg

5.0 garlic: ¥ 5.6/kg

5.5 garlic: ¥ 6.0/kg

6.0 garlic: ¥ 6.6/kg

Normal White Garlic: 

General mixed level: ¥ 4.8/kg

Large mixing level: ¥ 5.2/kg